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3 foldblue8 cm148/150 cmGrenadine ShantungShantung silkLimited edition
Shantung silk grenadine is designed on old looms from the 19th century. The cutting and assembly of such a tie requires a rare know-how, of which only a few workshops have the secret. Shantung silk grenadine ties offer new assortment perspectives and are therefore very interesting to cultivate your elegance: they are unique and will bring you a lot of originality without being ostentatious.

A shantung silk grenadine tie

Silk grenadine is designed on old woven looms mostly from the 19th century. These machines are only present in Europe and very few are still in operation today which creates a certain rarity.

The daily production of a loom is extremely reduced given its age and weaving method. The cutting and the assembly of a grenadine tie requires a rare know-how which only a few workshops have the secret.

Shantung silk, on the other hand, is made from silk that is almost unknown to the general public, has a textured appearance and is woven from flame threads which give the fabric a slightly fluted surface. This silk is light, airy, irregular and elegant, bringing a lot of freshness.

A 3 folded grenadine silk shantung tie

This tie has been folded 3 times. This is the classic tie that we generally recommend.

It consists of a silk wrap containing a triplural. Handmade, this 3-fold tie is fluid and flexible.

The inside of this tie is closed, at both ends, by a handmade stop point.

The "spine" of the tie is also hand sewn, which allows the maintain and it allow some freedom of movement. It will "return" easily to its shape normal when the node is undone.

Uses of silk grenadine

At the border between woven silk and knitwear, grenadine ties offer new perspectives of assortments and are therefore very interesting to cultivate your elegance and enhance your outfit.

Silk shantung is considered to be a " wild silk ".


It is produced by silkworms fed on oak leaves and junipers. 'Silkworm breeding' is called "sericulture". For the anecdote, sericulture consists of all the breeding operations for obtaining, unloading the cotoon and spinning the silk.

'Wild' Silk Grenadine

More discreet, shantung silk grenadine can meet more formal requirements. Its subtle reliefs which allow you to revisit the unis without taking risks and many of you could assimilate it to a completely united tie.

Grenadine ties are an excellent way to enrich your wardrobe and try something else  by bringing you a real richness and a new experience of the tie !

Besides, it has a slightly striated surface because of the grege silk with which it is woven, and still remains very subtle and its texture hardly noticeable.

This fabric is known for the clarity it provides, allowing to bring structure to the ties. Actually, the irregularity and "imperfect" texture of these ties make them works of art !

What knot to do with this tie?

With this silk grenadine tie, I recommend either a simple knot or a half Windsor knot.

The simple knot is the classic tie knot

This is the most used node. Easy to do, it fits with all shirt collars. Conical and elongated, the simple knot is wider with thick ties like this tie in 8 cm width. The half Windsor knot is thinner and easier to make than the Windsor node. With this knot, I still advise to wear this tie on a shirt with Italian collar.

99,00 €

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