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3 foldBLEU8 cm148/150 cmSilkWoven silk
Woven silk differs from printed silk in its texture. Silk reps, braided armors, twill or jacquard are just some of the families found in woven silks. With patterns, woven silk is perfect for the professional environment but can also be used for evening wear when it is plain. We recommend wearing this woven silk tie to enhance the colours of your outfit and provide texture.

A woven silk tie

The history of silk woven begins between 3000 and 2000 years before Jesus Christ. The art of making silk would then gradually be transmitted to other civilizations through spies to looters and merchants.

In Europe, woven silk had arrived at the end of the Middle Ages, and its production reaches the stage of industrialization from XIXth century

The weaving: the woven silk is presented as the fleet shape. First of all, it is wound on a drum, which allows to mount the warp yarns on the loom. Following this, it is unemptied, which is used to weave the frame.

A 3-fold woven silk tie

This tie has been folded 3 times. This is the classic tie that we generally recommend.

It consists of a silk wrap containing a triplural. Handmade, this 3 fold tie is fluid and flexible.

The inside of this 3-fold tie is closed, at both ends, by a handmade stop point.

The "spine" of the tie is also hand sewn, which allows the maintain and it allow some freedom of movement. It will "return" easily to its shape normal when the node is undone.

What shirt to wear with this woven silk tie?

I advise you to wear this woven silk tie with a beautiful poplin shirt.

Sleek by appearance, a white poplin shirt, for example, can be associated with a navy blue costume or dark grey and a woven silk tie.

Perfect for a business outfit !

Besides, with this tie, a blue shirt would also go very well with a medium grey suit.

For a more casual outfit, I would advise you to associate this woven silk tie with either a dobby shirt, or a denim shirt.

The dobby fabrics is a silky fabric which can be distinguished by the refinement of its patterns.

The alveoli present on its surface allow to light to be reflected well, which is always visually interesting.

A dobby shirt will therefore illuminate and reveal the contrast sets of your outfit.

As for denim shirts, they have a smooth appearance and have a fine fabric.

You can then associate it with a flannel suit, in winter, or linen, in summer, and a tie in, all year round !

What knot to do with this tie?

With this woven silk tie, I recommend either a single knot or a half Windsor knot.

The simple knot is the classic tie knot

This is the most used node. Easy to do, it fits with all shirt collars. 

Conical and elongated, the simple knot is wider with thick ties like this tie in 8 cm width.

The half Windsor node is thinner and easier to make than the Windsor node. With this knot, I still advise to wear this tie on a shirt with Italian collar.

89,00 €

44,50 €

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