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3 foldblue8 cm148/150 cmSilkPrinted silkLimited edition
Iconic tie fabric, printed silk is widely recognized for the strength given to the colours, the softness or most of all, the voluptuous fall. To wear every day, printed silk ties allow many stylistic combinations to add character to your outfit. I particularly like its sumptuous hand, which makes it light and luminous.

Printed silk

Printed silk is both a weaving technique and a fabrics made with this technique.

This characteristic aspect fabric is easily recognizable by the oblique scratches that you see at first glance. Soft, printed silk is frequently used for making ties, as here.

It is also a weaving technique that highlights colors in value. It is said that the printed silk is a soft twill weave fabric. The weft is shifted from one warp yarn to each row, which explains the oblique scratches of the silk.

A printed silk tie

Very difficult to find nowadays, I am still one of the last to make these ties.

This is the widest range ever offered. 

Printed silk is therefore a raw material, which offers a superb effect warm.

I decided to make them with a very wide color palette, to please everyone.

Printed silk printed silk brings elegance elegance and simplicity to a tie. 

Very soft, a printed silk tie will enhance the tones of your shirt and will bring a beautiful hand.

The silk tie's prints, such as this one, allows you to obtain some thiner and detailed patterns, thanks to the weavings. 

It also bring varied and complex colors.

My collection

I have chosen to work with the best weaver for my collection of printed silk ties. I made my collection of silk printed ties within the city of Como, in Italy. 

There, I love to choose, myself my fabrics, season after season.

As I want to offer you the best in term of quality and beauty, I always have decided to create ties with a sumptuous "touch and fall" and having what I like to call "a beautiful hand".

Crafted in the finest silk qualities, my printed silk ties are definitely the lightest pieces of my tie collection.

A 3-fold printed silk tie

This tie has been folded 3 times. It is the classic tie that we generally recommend. It consists of a silk envelope containing a triplure.

Handmade, this 3-fold tie is fluid and soft. The inner part of this 3-fold tie is closed, at both ends, by a handmade stop point.

The "spine" of the tie is also hand sewn, which allows a better maintain and offer some freedom of movement to the tie. 

It will "return" easily to its normal shape when the node is undone.

What shirt to wear with this printed silk tie?

For a formal hold, I advise you to wear it with a beautiful twill shirt.

With a textured appearance, a white twill shirt, for example, can be associated with a navy blue costume or dark grey.

Perfect for a business outfit!

With this tie, a blue shirt would also go very well with a medium grey suit.

89,00 €

44,50 €

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