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3 foldbrown7 cm148/150 cmFlannelWoolLimited edition
Our collections of wool ties are mainly made from Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics. I like to wear flannel ties in winter not only for the texture effect they reflect but also for their warm colours and softness. Flannel ties are thermoregulatory, i. e. they allow a constant temperature to be maintained. They are therefore not stifling and control the temperature released by body heat.

A wool tie

For the confection of my wool ties, I work with the the Italian weaver Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Family business since 1663, this reknown House is located in Biella, Italy, and remains one of the oldest spinning mills in the world.

Respected worldwide, by the industry as well as aware enthusiasts, Vitale Barberis Canonico is completely integrated vertically : wool production, spinning, creation, weaving machines... A position that offers him a total control over his production and his quality level.

After a 350th anniversary, the latest generation, trained by Alessandro, Francesco and Lucia, is driving one of the most beautiful weavers in the world, who continues to develop more than 4000 fabrics per year, without any compromise.

A 3-fold wool tie

This tie has been folded 3 times. It is the classic tie that we generally recommend. It consists of a silk envelope containing a triplure. Handmade, this 3-fold tie is fluid and flexible.

The inside of this 3-fold tie is closed, at both ends, by a handmade stop point.

The "spine" of the tie is also hand sewn, which allows the tie to maintain better and benefit from freedom of movement. It will "return" easily to its normal shape when the node is undone.

Fabric made of cotton wool

Originally, wool was woven in a flanel fabric, but in recent years we have seen the appearance of cotton/cashmere with properties adapted to a more urban use.

Cotton wool is a serge : the yarns are combed and sometimes scraped to amplify the softness of the fabric.

Heavy, they have a very nice fall and tend to drap, which flatten your silhouette. A tie made of cotton wool will be associated with "warm" materials in a formal context, such as cashmere or...flannel!

What knot to do with this tie?

With this wool tie, I recommend either the double knot or the Windsor knot.

The double node requires a second rotation.  That is, the large pan has passed twice around the small pan. Thicker, than the simple knot, it will look very pretty with a wool tie.

The Windsor knot is better for great occasions. Voluminous, we recommend to make it on your cut-away collar shirtsFormal in its appearance and wide-range in its triangular shape, it will fit better around the neck of people with a slightly rounder face

89,00 €

44,50 €

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