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MARRON3 fold8 cm148/150 cmGrenadine silk100% Soie

Silk grenadine tie

Silk grenadine is designed on old woven looms mostly from the 19th century. These machines are only present in Europe and very few are still in operation today which creates a certain scarcity.

The daily production of a loom is extremely reduced given its age and weaving method. The cutting and the assembly of a grenadine tie requires a know-how, just as rare, which only a few workshops have the secret.

From Italian "garza" (grosse in French) for its transparent appearance, grenadine must be accompanied by matching triplings for each color, so as not to create competition between colors.

A 3-fold silk grenadine tie

This tie has been folded 3 times.

This is the classic tie that we generally recommend.

It consists of a silk wrap containing a triplural.

Handmade, this 3-fold tie is fluid and flexible.

The inside of this 3-fold tie is closed, at both ends, by a handmade stop point.

The "spine" of the tie is also hand sewn, which allows a better maintain and a freedom of movement. 

It will "return" easily to its normal shape when the node is undone.

Uses of silk grenadine

At the border between woven silk and knitwear, grenadine ties offer new perspectives of assortments and are therefore very interesting to cultivate your elegance and enhance your bets.

We can distinguish the silk grenadine tie in two large families : the large mesh, "garza grossa", and the small mesh "garza fina "

Wide waist " Garza grossa "

From its previous creation, large mesh grenadine is more known than small mesh.

Distinguished by its relief and the depth that brings colours, this type of grenadine is ideal for bringing body to a dress

Fine waist " Garza fina "

More discreet, grenadine fine can meet more formal requirements. Subtle reliefs allow you to review the unis without taking risks and many of you could assimilate it to a completely plain tieGrenadine ties are an excellent way to enrich your wardrobe and try something else.

The texture of a grenadine tie allows you to revisit classic colors by bringing you a real richness and a new experience of the tie !

The desire to explore new colours and new shades has pushed us to considerably expand our range which promises to be one of the largest in Europe.

What knot to do with this tie?

With this silk grenadine tie, I recommend either a simple knot or a half Windsor knot.

The simple knot is the classic tie knot

This is the most used node. Easy to do, it fits with all shirt collars. Conical and elongated, the simple knot is wider with thick ties.

The half Windsor knot is thinner and easier to make than the Windsor node. With this knot, I still advise to wear this tie on a shirt with Italian collar.

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