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CollarColorCuffsPocketFabricTitrationWeaverFitCollectionFabrics Density
Button-downblueSimple cuffsNoGiro Inglese100/2Thomas MasonFittedLimited edition125g/meter
Giro Inglese is a fabric with no back or front. The interlacing of the yarns creates a hexagonal shape, as in a braid. The Giro Inglese has an open mesh weave that creates a hole pattern. This particular weaving, honeycomb, gives it a high breathability that makes it perfect for summer. It is lightweight and very comfortable to wear when it is dry and hot. Bright and delicate fabric, it is remarkably elastic. Its mesh has a porous structure and this is what gives it this granular effect, making it very exclusive.

What is Giro Inglese?

The Giro Inglese has a plain weave that makes the tissue relatively strong and durable. The fabric has no neither side and is composed of two different warps:one traditionally right and the other intertwined with the first on the right and left at each weft pass. I like to imagine the weaving of the Giro Inglese by a tresse. interlacing of these two chains creates a hexagonal shape (like in a braid).

Giro Inglese means " honeycomb " in Italian. Its high breathability makes it perfect for the hot season: it is light and very comfortable to wear when it is dry. Luminous, it is delicate and remarkably elastic. Its mesh, very aerated, has a porous structure, due to the weaving of the yarn bands, white or coloured. This is what gives it this granular effect, making it very exclusive

A buttoned collar for a casual-chic outfit

This collar assembly, called "one piece", is unique on the market. It provides you with an unparalleled collar hold of when you wear it without tie.

The fall of the neck (also called the neck veil) has been carefully reflected and tested on different jackets to obtain a pretty curve. Try to wear it without buttoning the small buttons to bring a very nice casual-chic !

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (soft neck, without whale)
Height of rear neck foot : 4.0 cm
Height of front neck foot : 3.5 cm

Single wrists with bevelled edges that are easy to wear

This shirt has simple simple cuffs to bevelled panels. The simple wrist is the easiest to wear and therefore the most present in our collection. 

Elegant and minimalist, it has only a single button. We have paid particular attention to the circumference of the wrist so that it is not not too wide but keep the necessary comfort.

A 100% double twisted resistant cotton from Thomas Mason

During the making of this shirt, I twisted two cotton yarns together to form only one. As a result, the fabric is double twisted and therefore particularly resistantThomas Mason offers innovative tissues made from the best Egyptian cotton . The fabric is bathed in a very low temperature solution which is then completely removed from the fabric during drying.

The cotton fibre then shrunk, giving the fabric dynamic properties. The special treatment, which keeps the cotton fibres, well parallel to each other, allows to obtain a smooth smooth aspect, clean and a particular lightness. This shirt combines limited maintenance and comfort

Mother of Pearl mother-of-pearl buttons, sewn on foot

I have sewed 7 buttons, in Australian mother-of-pearl, Mother of Pearl. The first button of the throat is sewn to 6.5 cm of the second button, allowing the neck to fall perfectlyThe last button was stitched horizontally to avoid forming a small fold above the belt. Hand sewn in Zampa di Gallina (crow's feet sewn), the buttons are mounted on a "foot" making buttoning the shirt easier

A perfectly fitted cut and beautiful reinforcing swallows

The cut is adjusted but it will not stick to your body. I made it so that you can wear it inside the pants. It is also long enough so that it does not come out when you are in motion. I also embroidered reinforcing swallows, in the shape of pentagon, which recall the signatures of the shirts of the past. They make it possible to reinforce the strength of the part.

Why buy a Howard's Paris shirt ?

Since its creation in Paris more than 21 years, I have been working every day on the design of parts luxurious by searching for the most beautiful materials and by sublimating with a proachable perfection. I remain very attached to a European fabrication of high quality, a guarantee of its success. All our products are made in a traditional way, in a workshop with a human size, formerly a partner of the biggest houses, by passionate workers and in a quest for perfection. Each seamstress perpetuates a mastery of technique and of the rigueur characteristic of the French way.

Each product is made in limited series, which allows you to enjoy yourself by being sure not to see your item worn by someone else. I want to inject a touch of freshness and originality into each of my products through subtle and delicate details. Each item is designed with the aim of bringing you this small plus that makes the difference and gives our products this incomparable charm.

Finally, if you wish do a touch-up on your shirt (length of sleeves and/or shirt, bending, move the collar button), I suggest you to do it at the workshop before sending or removing your part in store, at your request. 

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159,00 €

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