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Italian collarblueSimple cuffsNoFlannel100% Coton100/2CancliniFittedLimited edition
The cotton flannel has beautiful properties adapted to urban use. Its fluffy appearance, with a heavy fall, amplifies the softness of the fabric. Heavy, the flannels have a very nice drop and tend to drap, which flatters the silhouette. A flannel shirt should be combined with "warm" materials in a formal context, such as cashmere, knitted silk, or...flannel!

Cotton flannel of the famous Italian house Canclini

Creativity, dedication and customer service cannot be improvised. The history of Canclini began more than 80 years ago, in 1925, when the company was created within the silk industry in the Italian region of Côme.

The first generation change took place in the 60s. And that's when it all started. Today, thanks to its passion for work,its dynamism, its constant innovation and its creativity, Canclini is one of the leading brands in the sector of high quality fabrics for folders. 

The fabrics are conform to the quality standards required by the market and are certified by Okotex quality. 100% organic according to GOTS standards, they do not contain harmful substancesto human health and provide you, the customer, with guarantees as to their human-ecological qualityCanclini's philosophy has always included the social dimension in its creations which I really like. Machine to think, a profusion of ideas, styles, suggestions, history it is a real creative laboratory.

And that's why I chose their beautiful fabrics for my special story "The Photomaton".

An intermporel and elegant Italian collar

This is the most popular collar. Timeless and elegant, the Italian collar is characterized by its flared opening.

This collar is ideal for a daily use.

Polyvalent, it can be worn with or without tie and adapts to any type of face.

If you are looking for an idea for a tie knot, we recommend a single or double windsor knot. 

The Italian collar is also perfectly suited for wearing the bow tie.

In detail :

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (integrated whales)
Height of rear neck foot: 3.8 cm
Height of neck foot front: 3.3 cm

Single wrists with bevelled edges that are easy to wear

This shirt has simple simple cuffs to bevelled panels

The pan, biseauté, avoids having a square tip, often one of the first places to wear on a shirt. The simple wrist is le easier to wear and therefore the most present in our collection. 

Elegant and minimalist, it has only a single button.

I paid particular attention to the circumference of the wrist so that it is not not too wide but keep the necessary comfort

In detail:

Single bevelled pointer
1 button
Height: 7 cm

A 100% double twisted cotton resistant

In making this shirt, I twisted two cotton threads together to form only one.

Thus, this cotton flannel which is double twisted is particularly resistant.

A soft flannel, with a heavy fall

Originally, all flannel was woven in wool, but in recent years we have seen the appearance of cotton flannel.

Usually, the wool flannel is built on a plain weave base with carded threads (uncombed, raw) to give it a fluffy appearance, to the heavy tombé.

Conversely, the cotton flannel is generally a serge.

The yarns are combed and sometimes scratched to amplify the softness of the fabric.

Here, that's the case.

Why wear a flannel shirt?

I find the Léandre shirt atypic by its original print.

It brings a very casual-chic effect to my collection. To help you in your choice, just say that this flannel is soft and its surface makes it soft. 

I don't hide from you that this shirt fits more into the casual category of my collection and not formal. It remains very polyvalent, contrary to what we think.

I chose a scarf made of 50% wool, 30% cotton and 20% polyamide, grey with hand embroidered floral patterns.

And Paisley patterns ?

The motifs paisley, cashmere iranian, perse fabric. Its name comes from the city Scottish from Paisley. For the anecdote, popular in the Baltic States between 1700 and 1800 and was designed to be used as a protective charm to keep away evil demons.

In fact, I particularly appreciate this motif because in my early days as a blouse, the paisley was a design specially produced by French textile printers.

They were the first to have had the idea of printing the on fabric and called it, at the time, "cashmere".

I loved the idea and made it a special edition in 1998. Since then, I've been going on and still love !

Stitched buttons on foot to facilitate buttoning

On each of my shirts, I sewed 7 buttons.

The first button of the throat is sewn to 6.5 cm from the second button, allowing the neck to tomber perfectly.

The last buttonhas been sewn horizontally to avoid the formation of a small fold above the belt.

Sewn in Zampa di Gallina (sewing goose feet), the buttons are mounted on a "foot" making the buttoning of the shirt easier.

A button sewn "Zampa di Gallina" style attests that it has been hand sewn.

A perfectly fitted cut and beautiful reinforcing swallows

The cut is adjusted but it will not stick to your body. 

I made it so you can wear it inside your pants.

It is also s long enough so that it does not come out of it when you are in motion.

I also embroidered reinforcing swallows, in the shape of a pentagon, which remind us of the signatures of the shirts of yesteryear

They allow to reinforce the solidity of the part.

How to wear it ?

With a scarf made of wool, cotton and polyamide

What to wear it with?

This fabric made of cotton flannel can be worn with jeans, to be worn at weekends if you want to be cast, or with a light flannel pants or a little textured cotton to go work.

For a business hold, you will wear it without difficulty with a costume grey (light or dark) or even dark brown. You must avoid at all costs the "heavy" and "loaded" side of your outfit. This shirt is polyvalent again. You can, for a business outfit, of course wear it with a pretty tie.

For this set I chose a scarf made of 50% wool, 30% cotton and 20% polyamide, grey with hand-embroidered floral motifs la Gioisa. To accentuate the original side and especially unique of the shirt, I opted for a denim jacket. It's a very "Parisian-chic" style and j'loves this idea pants and jacket in jean, together. It is not too heavy and brings a very trendy side, of the moment finally. It works very well for a daily maintenance, even during the weekend! The colors are hot, the navy of the shirt deeper and more pleasant to look at: top for a casualty hold of the month of November. 

149,00 €

104,30 €

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