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White and blue stripped shirt Howard's Paris

Cogozzo striped twill shirt


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Italian collarBLEUStandartSimple cuffsNoTwill100% CotonThomas MasonFittedPermanentBusiness
Twill is the characteristic fabric of the twill weaving process. Its armor, known as "unhooked" armor, creates the oblique aspect in stairs. Twill is a soft and slightly textured fabric. It is easy to maintain, especially during ironing. The twill shirt is one of the essentials of the men's cloakroom.

Twill of cotton from the "Journey" range at Thomas Mason

I have been working since the end 2013 with Thomas Mason and from the beginning I was very satisfied with the result. To tell you a little more, Thomas Mason's Journey range is known for what they call their "Wrinkle Resistant shirt" to be translated as "wrinkle-free shirt". In general, so-called "wrinkle-free" shirts are made because manufacturers add an ammonia-based chemical layer that smothers the cotton in the shirt, making it stiff and rigid.

Here, this is not the case.

The Journey range, as its name suggests, allows the shirt to remain impeccable all day long. And I'll explain why. The Journey collection of Thomas Mason offers innovative fabrics made in the best cottons from Egypt. The special treatment, which maintains the cotton fibres,well parallel to each other,provides a smooth appearance, net and a particular lightness.

Thomas Mason manages to reconcile shirt without ironing and comfortable shirt, by proposing a new type of treatment, on natural fiber. Thomas Mason has developed an innovative treatment that is, natural and respectful of the environment. Cotton fibre is spun in Italy. The same applies to the manufacture of the fabric. The fabric rolls dedicated to the Journey range are then shipped to Belgium. A wrinkle resistant treatment is actually applied to this fabric.

The Italian collar

Traditional collar

This is the most popular collar. Timeless and elegant, the Italian collar is characterized by its flared opening. This collar is ideal for daily usePolyvalent, it can be worn with or without tie and can be adapted to any type of face. If you are looking for an idea for a tie knot, we recommend a single or double windsor knot. Similarly, the Italian collar is perfectly suited for wearing the knot butterfly.

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (integrated whales)
Height of rear neck foot: 3.8 cm
Height of neck foot front: 3.3 cm

Single wrists with bevelled edges easy to wear

This shirt has simple simple cuffs to bevelled panels. The pan, bevelled, avoids having a square tip, often one of the first places to wear out on a shirt. The simple wrist is the easiest to wear e and therefore the most present in our collection. Elegant and minimalist, it has only one button. I have paid particular attention to the circumference of the wrist so that it is not not too wide but keep the necessary comfort. 

Single cuffs
1 button
Height: 7 cm

A 100% double-twisted resistant cotton

In making this shirt, I twisted two cotton threads together to form only oneThus, the fabric is double twisted and therefore particularly resistant.

A blue and white striped twill shirt

Twill, or serge, is the characteristic fabric of the twill process. Sound armor, called "unhooked", is a structure made of diagonals at 45°.

There are the same number of warp and weft yarns. The warp moves one weft yarn at each row, which creates the oblique aspect in steps. This twill is a soft and slightly textured fabric. Its maintenance is easy, especially when ironing.

The twill shirt is one of the most essential in the men's wardrobe and will perfectly match a navy, grey or black suit. This same shirt could also be worn with a large beige wool cardigan, light grey flannel pants and a pair of weekend boots.

Stitched buttons on foot to facilitate buttoning

On each of my shirts, I sewed 7 buttons.

The first button of the throat is sewn to 6.5 cm from the second button, allowing the neck to tomber perfectly. The last button has been sewn horizontally to avoid the formation of a small fold above the belt.

Sewn in Zampa di Gallina (sewing goose feet), the buttons are mounted on a "foot" making the buttoning of the shirt easier. A button sewn "Zampa di Gallina" style attests that it has been hand sewn.

A perfectly fitted cut and beautiful reinforcing swallows

The cut is adjusted but it will not stick to your body. 

I made it so you can wear it inside your pants. It is also s long enough so that it does not come out of it when you are in motion.

I also embroidered reinforcing swallows, in the shape of a pentagon, which remind us of the signatures of the shirts of yesteryear

They allow to reinforce the solidity of the part.

How to wear it ?

With a burgundy woven silk tie

What to wear it with?

This fabric in twill can be worn with jeans, to be worn at weekends if you want to be casual, or with a light flannel pants or a little textured cotton to go work.

For a business hold, you will wear it without difficulty with a navy blue suit, grey (light or dark) or dark brown. You must avoid at all costs the "heavy" and "loaded" side of your outfit. This shirt is polyvalent for the material and the color that you will choose for your tie.

For this set I chose a burgundy woven silk tie. This is the Damak. Moreover, to accentuate the original side and especially unique of the shirt, I opted for this one, a navy blue flannel jacket that I find very trendy. I love this silk-flannel set. It works well for a formal outfit. 

139,00 €

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