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Revelli white oxford shirt

Revelli white oxford shirt


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White oxford shirt
Oxford is a very popular shirt fabric, and it is one of the most versatile. The oxford is characterized by a fresh and brittle hand, a certain rigidity in the fall and a good support (little wrinkles). Thanks to its finely squared appearance, oxford is an excellent balance between texture and refinement. It can be worn in any circumstance.

Textile of the famous English house Thomas Mason

I have chosen to make my shirts with fabric in 100% cotton from Thomas Mason for the fine of its fabric, of an exceptional quality.

But not that.

Levels prints offer a touch of eccentricity that I really like. For the record, many great men have enjoyed the cotton Thomas Mason, especially in their shirts.

There are Winston Churchill, the Duke of Windsor or Oscar Wilde. Winston Churchill liked the lightness of the fabric. He liked to dress more with delicate shirts and adjusted to his silhouette. He has very often been elected as the most elegantly dressed politician.

This is not an insignificant thing!

Because at the time, Thomas Mason's cotton fabric cotton was used by the most famous English blouses, such as Turnbull & Asser (appointed blouse from the British royal family, since 1930). Even today, Prince Charles Prince Charles, among others, still swears by this cotton. From Egypt, the fabric is worked in double twisted.

Our oxford Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason's Journey collection offers innovative tissues made from the best cotton from Egypt. The special treatment that keeps the cotton fibres well parallel to each other results in a smooth appearance, net and a particular lightness.

The treatment applied to these fabrics allows to limit folds after washing, to facilitate ironing, and to prevent the shirt from creasing. The selected cotton fibres are extra-long fibres, to be spun and then woven in Italy.

Tissue tests

Thomas Mason fabrics have received the AATTC award (American Association Textile Chemical Colorist) with 3 stars out of 5.


Thomas Mason manages to reconcile shirt without ironing and shirt comfortable, by proposing a new type of treatment, on natural fibers

A timeless and elegant Italian collar

This is the most popular collar. Timeless and elegant, the Italian collar is characterized by its flared opening.

This collar is ideal for a daily use.

Polyvalent, it can be worn with or without tie and adapts to any type of face.

If you are looking for an idea for a tie knot, we recommend a single or double windsor knot. 

The Italian collar is also perfectly suited for wearing the bow tie.

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (integrated whales)
Height of rear neck foot: 3.8 cm
Height of neck foot front: 3.3 cm

Square-faced musketeer cuffs that are easy to wear

The musketeer wrist is more dressed than the simple wrist.

It comes with cufflinks and can be worn in business meetings, parties and ceremonies.

Alike the simple wrist, we paid particular attention to the circonference of the wrist to prevent it from yawning. 

Square-sided musketeer handgun
Height: 8 cm

A 100% double twisted cotton resistant

In making this shirt, I twisted two cotton threads together to form only one /b>.

Thus, this cotton which is double twisted is particularly resistant.

Oxford fabric

Oxford is characterized by a fresh and brittle hand, a certain rigidity in the fall and a good hold (froisse peu). Thanks to its finely chequered appearance, oxford is an excellent balance between texture and refinement. It can be worn in any circumstance. 

Stitched buttons on foot to facilitate buttoning

The first button of the throat is sewn to 6.5 cm from the second button, allowing the neck to fall perfectly. 

The last button has been sewn horizontally to avoid the formation of a small fold above the belt.

Sewn in Zampa di Gallina (sewing goose feet), the buttons are mounted on a "foot" making the buttoning of the shirt easier.

A perfectly fitted cut and beautiful reinforcing swallows

The cut is adjusted but it will not stick to your body. 

I made it so you can wear it inside the pants.

It is also long enough so that it does not come out of it when you are moving.

I also embroidered reinforcing swallows, in the shape of a pentagon, which remind us of the signatures of the shirts of yesteryear

How to wear it ?

With a silk grenadine tie

A formal outfit could therefore combine a white oxford shirt with musketeer cuffs, a medium grey suit and a plain silk grenadine tie, black or cream. In its casual version, the oxford fits perfectly into a preppy inspiration outfit: white shirt, chino cream and white bucks with brick sole.

The silk grenadine is designed on old weaving looms dating from the beginning of the 17th century, entirely mechanical and which produces about 20 meters per day.

Light and crisp to the touch, the silk grenadine neckties represent the bridge between woven silk and the knit neckties. It thus offers numerous assortment possibilities

Silk grenadine is our best seller. It is the most versatile le fabric, it will easily match all your outfits. I like to decorate it with all the colours. Silk grenadine allows a myriad of combinations...

With this white oxford shirt, I advise you, for a business shirt, black silk grenadine ties Costabissara or cream Meledo

139,00 €

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