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Linen100% Linen130gr.Full Color
Howard's Paris
From the textile choice to the creation
Our shirts are made in France. Our manufacturing workshop, located in Lower Normandy and created in 1976, is composed of a team of 6 seamstresses. Our fabrics, of Italian origin for wool and English for cotton, leave their workshop to arrive in the form of rolls in Normandy. It is from there that the seamstresses begin their work.

The beginning:

You already are a client in our company ?

Our ready-to-wear shirts fit you perfectly (or almost) ?

Already a Made-to-measure client ?

You have chosen this shirt fabric, which is the beginning of your creation. And you can do everything you want from where in the world you are now : we have everything we need regarding your measurements.

Now it's very simple. Call us at the following phone number 01 48 78 25 71 when you some time to give us. If needed, we can improve your measurements remotely.

A Made-to-measure shirt, by phone ?

Yes, absolutely. 

Go for it and trust us : we take care of everything. You will have to deal with me or with Quentin or Clémence, the other two "hands" of the House. As for the workshop, it is a team of 7 seamstresses who will take care of the making of your shirt... 

Learn more before calling us?

The making of your shirt must be delicate and precise, finishes sharped and perfectly masteredThere are a number of manual operations involved in the making of your shirt, and for the pleasure of the most demanding, a possibility to make some personalizations and adapt your will on the shirt.

I have been working with English and Italians weavers since the beginning. 2000 rolls of fabric from more than 9 different weavers make the rooms unique. Fabrics are exclusively chosen by myself for my collections and catalogue of Made-to-measure shirt. Among these 'few' rolls, some fabrics are rarse and exclusive. Both historical weavers and unknown houses have that precious know-how that I admire a lot.

I love beautiful stories of these historical houses who have a will to perpetuate the craftsmanship and most of all, share their passion. That's how I've always loved working. My 20 years of experience have helped my to seek for precision in measurements, allowing me to make simple and controlled measurements. Because what you are looking for is a shirt that combines confort and beauty. 

Everything is possible.


Going a little bit further is also possible !

Whether we keep the basic pattern that fits you (either a ready-to-wear shirt already ordered or a previously made-to-measure shirt) or we go a little bit further, and it's your choice!

3 options are available to you: the basic one (machine sewing), the semi-handmade (the half of the shirt is handmade) and the full-handmade (all the shirt is handmade ). You choose your collar and cuff from the 'few' ones I hand-drawn. But the selection is wide which makes your choice complicated.

So everything has been intelligently thought out

Basic Made-to-measure shirt : throat is simple, seams are thin and discreet1 needle, 9 points to cm made on traditional flat machine. Reinforcing swallows are adorned with the blazon of the house, buttons are made of Australian Mother of Pearl. Whales are integrated and the collar is thermo-glued. The best and more refined.

However, you can change everything.

Choose a double needle stitch rather than English, an American throat rather than simple, a neutral reinforcing swallow, wooden buttons or colorsEverything is possible. Because it's your own shirt, only you know what will suit you and please you the best.

Semi-handmade Made-to-Measure shirtVeil and collar foot, reinforcing swallows and the arm hole are entirely handmade by my seamstresses.

Full-handmade Made-to-Measure shirt : Collar, buttonholes, reinforcing swallows, arm hole, travettos and throat of the shirt are entirely handmade.

On request

Finally a part just for you : the most personal. If you know a little bit about Made-to-Measure shirts, you can have shifted sleeves, which brings more ease of movement compared to shirts with seams made opposite. For the most creative among you, I can draw your own collar, serigraphy your buttons, written one or more embroideries, sew travettos...

Ask anything you want.

It is also possible to unshrink your fabric in the workshop before sending it which allow the fabric to be ready for its future life, avoiding moves during wash. A godsend for those of you who travel a lot and wash their shirts very often. If you wish to wear your shirt on the same day of delivery, ask it be washed, ironed, delivered on a hanger in a cover.

Count 5 weeks of manufacturing. Mention if you want to receive your custom-made shirt at your home or office, by courier in a bag, washed and ironed.

Call me for more information: 01 48 78 25 71

I would be very happy to answer your questions and requests.


230,00 €

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