Shirts collars

The Italian collar

Traditional collar

This is the most requested pass. Timeless and elegant, the Italian collar is characterized by its flared opening. This collar is ideal for everyday use.

Versatile, it can be worn with or without a tie and can be adapted to any type of face. If you are looking for a tie knot idea, we recommend a simple knot or double windsor.

Similarly, the Italian collar is perfect for wearing the bowtie.

Tip length: 8.2 cm (integrated whales)

Back collar height: 3.8 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.3 cm

The cut-away collar

Contemporary collar

The cut-away collar is an excellent alternative to the Italian collar. It is a collar very little used in ready-to-wear. We like it because it emphasizes the tie because the points are more set back than on the usual necks.

It is worn with or without a tie and has a frank and distinguished hold. With the tie, to accentuate this flared side, we recommend the simple knot to let guess the foot of collar and bring a little style to your outfit.

Tip length: 9 cm (integrated whales)

Rear leg height: 3.7 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.2 cm

The cut-away round collar

Modern collar

The cut-away round collar is a Howard's creation inspired by the 1920s. We consider this form as the bridge between the club collar and the cut-away collar.

The cut-away round collar is chic and very differentiating. It offers a lot of elegance and brings character to your outfit without being ostentatious. We advise you to wear this collar for a ceremony or a special evening.

Tip length: 8 cm (without whale)

Back collar height: 3.8 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.3 cm

The pin collar

English collar

Inspired by the 1920s and films like "Gatsby the Magnificent", the pin-collar collar is rare and particularly distinguished. It is ideal to bring body to your outfits. We appreciate it a lot for this formal side. A silver collar pin is provided gracefully with each shirt.

This pin can lift the tie, forming a small arch and making the whole refined.

Tip length: 6.7 cm (flexible collar, without whale)

Hand-reinforced collar perforations

Back collar height: 3.8 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.3 cm

The buttoned down collar


Sport collar

The button-down collar is for a more casual use even if it can also be worn with a tie in a "preppy" spirit for a casual-chic side. The peculiarity of our button-down collar is that it is made of a single piece of fabric. This collar assembly, called "one piece", is unique on the market.

It ensures you a collar unparalleled when you wear it without a tie. The fall of the collar (also called neck veil) has been well thought out and tested on different jackets to get a nice curve. 

Try to wear it without buttoning the first buttons ... 

Tip length: 8.2 cm (flexible collar, without whale)

Back collar height: 4.0 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.5 cm

The classic collar

Col evening

The classic collar is distinguished by a more closed angle than the other necks, ideal for wearing bow tie or narrow tie. Present only in our range ceremony, it sports fine seams 1 millimeter from the edge, making it very refined.

If you wear it with a tie, we recommend you to make a pretty thin knot, such as a simple knot or cross knot. Regarding the costumes, opt for jacket lapels not too wide to maintain a certain harmony.

Tip length: 5.5 cm (integrated whales)

Back collar height: 3.8 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.3 cm

The wing collar

Wedding neck

The wing collar is the ceremonial collar par excellence. Often considered on a wedding shirt, it is also appropriate for certain events such as galas, opera or "Black Tie". It is worn mainly with a bow tie, or wedding accessories (ascot, lavallière ...).

Like the classic collar, it is only present in our range of ceremonies and has seams 1 millimeter from the edge.

Tip length: 5.4 cm (without whale)

Height of the back collar foot: 3,6 cm

Height of the front collar foot: 3.1 cm

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