Shirts collars

The Italian collar

Traditional collar

This is the most popular collar. Timeless and elegant, the Italian collar is characterized by its flared opening.

This collar is ideal for a daily use.

Polyvalent, it can be worn with or without a tie and is adapted to any type of face.

If you are looking for an ideal tie knot, we recommend a single or double windsor knot. 

The Italian collar is also perfectly suited for wearing the bow tie.

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (integrated whalebones)
Height of rear neck foot: 3.8 cm
Height of neck foot front: 3.3 cm

The cut-away collar

Contemporary neck

Le col cut-away is an excellent alternative to the Italian collar.

This is a collar very uncommon in ready-to-wear. We like it because it enhances the tie, the tip-ends are more recessed than on the usual collars.

It can be worn with or without a tie and has a clear and distinguished hold.

With the tie, to accentuate this flared side, we recommend the simple knot to let you guess the collar foot and bring more style to your outfit.

Tip length: 9 cm (integrated whalebones)
Rear collar foot height: 3.7 cm
Front collar foot height: 3.2 cm

The cut-away round collar

Modern neck

The cut-away round collar is a Howard's creation, inspired by the 1920s.

We consider this shape as the bridge between the Italian collar and the classical cut-away collar.

I have designed it because I always seek for a chic and very differentiating collar, that still brings character to an outfit without being ostentatious. You definitely can wear it for a ceremony, a special evening or even for work.

Length of tips: 8 cm (without whalebones)
Height of rear collar foot : 3.8 cm
Height of front collar foot : 3.3 cm

The pin collar

English collar

The pin collar is rare and particularly distinguished. It definitely brings class and elegance to your outfits. Moreover, the pin allows to lift the tie, creating a small arch and making the whole shirt  refined. 

Length of tips: 6.7 cm (soft neck, without whale)

Hand-strengthened cervix perforations

Height of the rear collar foot : 3.8 cm
Height of the front collar foot : 3.3 cm

Button collar

Casual collar

The buttoned collar is intended for a more casual use, even if it can also be worn with a tie in a "preppy" look and for a casual-chic "spirit".

Our button collar is very specific and unique. I have designed it with a single piece of fabric. I therefore have called it "one piece".

Length of tips: 8.2 cm (soft collar, without whalebones)
Height of rear collar foot : 4.0 cm
Height of front collar foot : 3.5 cm

The classical collar

Col evening

The classical collar is distinguished by an angle more closed than the other collars, ideal for wearing bow ties or narrow ties.

Only present in our ceremony range shirts, it has fine stitching at 1 mm from the edge, making it very refined.

Length of tips: 5.5 cm (integrated whalebones)
Height of rear collar foot : 3.8 cm
Height of collar foot front: 3.3 cm

The wing collar

Col mariage

The broken neck is the ceremonial neck "par excellence".

Often considered on a wedding shirt, it is also appropriate for some events such as galas, outings to the opera or "Black Tie" evenings. Only present in our ceremony range shirts, it has fine stitching at 1 mm from the edge, making it very refined.

Length of tips: 5.4 cm (without whalebones)
Rear collar foot height: 3.6 cm
Collar foot height front: 3.1 cm

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