Size guide

To find the most suitable shirt for your size there are several steps to know your measurements.

In the face of your measurements, it is essential that you stand straight to be as precise as possible and not to distort the measurements.

Balance your weight on each leg and start the measurements (by stretching the tape enough, but without tightening it).

Collar size

You will begin by taking measurements of your neck, at the level of the Adam's apple.

To do so, be sure to pass the right tape measure around it.

To avoid being too narrow, I even advise you to take the measures by inserting your index finger between your neck and the tape measure.

The measurements of your choker will give you your shirt size.

The neckband is enough for you to buy a shirt to your size.

However, if you want to retouch your shirt, remember to let us know: 0033 1 48 78 25 71


1) To begin, measure your sleeve from the nape (upper middle of the back) to the end of the shoulder (upper arm).

2) Then take your measurements from the shoulder to the wrist bone (where the cuff should fall).

NB: It is important to bend the elbow while taking measurements.


For these measurements, be sure to orient your tape measure horizontally.

First, wrap the tape measure around the chest, at the widest point.

Then, go under the armpits and above the shoulder blades.

Do not hesitate to call us for advice: 0033 1 48 78 25 71

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