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Received on: 17/07/2018

Hello Frederic,

How to say, I passed the door of your shop.

Although we did not show up, unless I was too engrossed by all these beautiful shirts to hear the first words of these two vendors greeting me on my arrival, I think I had to get to know each other with Clemence and Quentin.

I discover your journey and I would like to thank you for the love you can bring to the materials, to the products and to congratulate you for having been able to guide this wonderful company during these years.

Like you, I started young at a very young age in the world of work ... jobs in the mouth, with people who knew how to instill in me the love of quality products and work well done to start a few years later a professional career in the world of gastronomy.

I met many people there, big people to see very big as small.

Whether in the dishes that I served them or the outfits of my clients, no matter, there are bound to be lovers of beautiful materials to sublimate them and make everyone want to own the holy grail. I had to wait for an accident in my life to try to devote myself a little bit to myself (I did not become selfish so far, I share with you this moment;)).

It was while reading an article where it was question of your shop that I had to move to judge of myself.

Everything is there, the showcase, the products that transpire the nobility, the hospitable sellers and who share a real story.

I am not mistaken, I recognize in the eye to the touch what I seek, what I miss. Hard to take the first step, hard to make a first choice. Quentin is here ... ouf he is not putting pressure! He is not a junk seller, he advises, tells, shares.

I would like to leave the arms loaded, my budget does not allow me so I will stay in the basics.  ... to start and come out of your house delighted.


Received on: 29/05/2018

Hello Frederic,

Thank you for your email!

Being a big fan of the BMW brand I can only admire your course.

I am Adrien I am 25 years old and I am commercial director in my own box.

It's a family business too (my father and my brother). We are computer integrator we provide all types of services for business (Infrastructure DataCenter / Security / Wi-Fi etc).

I have always loved the beautiful things whether in cars or in clothes so I'm always looking for new exclusive pieces or not.

I stumbled upon your tie brand and being quite demanding I found great pieces that I will order quickly.

Here you know a little more about me too, nice to be part of your "community".

Yours, Adrien

Received on: 22/05/2018

Hello Frederic,

Fabrice, 48 years old. In recent years, I try to make sense. For my employees at work, for me in general.

So, it becomes important to attach myself to make sense also in my expenses. Not quite a consumer, but sensitive to the soul put in the realization of products, from manufacture to sale.

It seems to me that Howard's is closer to this spirit than many other players in the field. Your email confirms it.

Good continuation.


Received on: 23/05/2018


Just a quick return having bought a pair of these straps at home many years ago, know that I am very happy and they are surely strong enough to be inherited by my great grandchildren.

Similarly overall the quality of your products is irreproachable.


Sophiane B.

Received on: 02/05/2018

Hello Frederic,

Thank you for this article that I expected especially. I

t's very interesting to know the story of what you buy. I bought two weeks ago your red Shantung silk tie with the blue threads (the one in the first picture). She is simply amazing. Touch is pure happiness.

It changes a classic tie, I adopted it.

Thank you again for your work, your shirts, your ties, your wallets and all your exceptional items.

Very good day, Nicolas C.

Received on: 14/04/2018


I had spent two weeks in your Paris store acquiring my first Howard's shirt and not just any: a collared shirt for a particular event.

Having received an excellent reception, very good advice in store (choice of the shirt, folding pocket "3 tips") and most of all, many compliments during this evening, I wanted to thank you personally.

Beyond these "external" compliments, my outfit was a success for me: a comfort unmatched until then and an excellent cut.

Thanks again, see you soon.

Best regards and have a nice week end.

Etienne L

Received on: 3/17/2018

Hello Mr. COSTA, T

hank you for sharing this anecdote with us!

It proves that our leaders can taste! I hope one day to buy one of your ties, and of course, a silk grenadine. Unfortunately, the "dress code" of my company does not allow me to wear a nice tie without being the object of nice mockery in the best case.

Only managers or salespeople can / should try the exercise. But I promise you that as soon as an event (wedding, baptism, or other) will allow me to proudly wear one of your ties, you will see me land in your shop and seeking your advice and advice to choose the most appropriate color.

In the meantime, I proudly wear your shirts.

First, I offered one, then 2, then a 3rd. It's almost like a drug! I feel confident and ready to face my day when I wear one of your shirts, coupled with a blazer or suit. M. JACOMET is full of praise for you, and I can only agree with him!

Thank you for offering us such quality products and with such passions.

Regards, Tuan AB

Received on: 05/03/2018

Bravo Frédéric,

How lucky I had to work near Saint Lazare in the 2000s, and pass in front of the window!

I fell in love with the shirts, the cut, the fabrics!  

Pascal M

Received on: 02/03/2018

Dear Frederic!

First of all I hope you are doing well with the storage of the 1500 shirts that have arrived for some time with all the wonders of spring / summer.

Thank you for the mail discovering fabrics and I must admit that between the seersucker and the beautiful denim has flower (whose sizes disappear at high speed) we quickly turn heads but I'm very curious about the fabric that is the giro inglese.

In any case compared to denim I tend to wear the weekend in a relaxed way and even sometimes over-overshirt or sometimes formal under a beautiful navy blue jacket chevron with brown derbys.

Hope you are having a nice week.

André NVN

Received on: 12/18/2017

Good evening,

I bought you about twenty ties in recent years, especially grenadine seven folds.

They are beautiful and I do not buy elsewhere.

Cordially. Benoît G

Received on: 12/16/2016

Hello Howard's team!

I write to thank you for the quality of the shirts you make. I discovered your brand thanks to the collaboration you made with BonneGueule and I am always amazed by the quality of your shirts.

For a 22 year old young man it is a pleasure to wear your shirts and to make them known.

Yours, Anthony M

Received on: 05/06/2016

Thank you for the quality of your shirts. I tested to start with 2 white poplin shirts and I am very satisfied with the fit and the inherent quality of the shirt.

I'm used to wearing only the very high end and I was surprised to find the same quality as very prestigious brands but at a rate close to half.

You are without competition in your segment!

Sebastien H

Received on: 21/11/2016

Hello Tom, I made the order. It's always a pleasure to be your customer. Quality is at the rendezvous!

Have a good day, Julien Z

Received on: 09/15/2016

The quality of Howard's shirts is simply exceptional and will exceed the sartorial requirements of the most discerning connoisseurs. For my part, I bought a white herringbone shirt, the hold of the neck and the hand of Thomas Mason material leaves me speechless after many ports.

Then 2 linen shirts for the summer, which hardly crinkle and accompanied me during the craziest dances. Recent buyer of a flannel shirt, I am happy to say that once you have tasted the quality of Howard's, it is difficult to settle for anything else ...

And I do not even talk about ties! (best knit ties in the capital for sure)

Ken L

Received on: 04/09/2016

Already several shirts, ties and clutches at Howard's. Top quality, impeccable finishes, haircut. In short, in the high end, Howard's shirts have a value for money really excellent.

Sebastien M

Received on: 09/02/2016

Hello again, Today i get the parcel, so everything is fine! :)

The shirt looks amazing. Thank you very much!

Kind regards, Frank H

Received on: 07/18/2016

Everything went well. The products are even more beautiful in real and packaging very neat. I like the word accompanying the package and the boxes folders.

The tie is just great! Never seen. Bravo.


Received on: 01/07/2016

Hello team! It must be said that your event BG Lyon, with Guest Fred, missed a little bit of time to prepare the thing, but hey ... Never mind! So it was Saturday that we decided to take the car with two friends and leave from Annecy to head to Lyon.

The few remaining rays of sun were the joy of accompanying us the first kilometers of our epic ride. So after 1h30 of road, and a brief incursion at the world junk food champion, our legs finally headed to 43 rue Auguste Comte (in case if you had forgotten the address) ...

What a pleasure it was to be able to discover all these pieces so often touched of our eyes on our screens, and that we could finally touch with our hands! The welcome of the team on site was very warm, spiced up by Fred's enchanting company: who better than the master to discover his shirts and ties! There followed a passionate conversation about all the details and finesse of the shirt (It's hard to buy a shirt from Zara after such a meeting).

Then of course try various pieces of BG and Howard's! So after 2 hours (time felt: 15 min) and some purchases we left reluctantly this place dedicated to the passion of clothing filled only parts of incredible quality! For once, I need 10 minutes to close my new BG jeans but at least I'm sure he's my size. All this prose to tell you that the experience was simply fascinating, magical and above all ...

Fortunately I do not live in Lyon or Paris, because I would surely be sought by Interpol and the DGSI on behalf of my banker;) You had a great idea by opening a shop in Lyon, a pity it is only ephemeral ... In any case I confirm the renewal of the experience (see a permanent shop?).

See you soon, hoping to meet the team someday!


Received on: 14/06/2016

Very good shirts with good value for money. Delivery always at the top.

Cyrille S

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