Why you should buy a Howard's Paris shirt ?

The question you probably asked yourself if you came to this page:

Why should I buy a Howard's shirt?

I will therefore, to answer your question, explain you in the following 10 bullet points why you must buy your shirts at Howard's Paris (what makes us special and different)... 

1. Our shirts are unique

Since the creation of the company more than 21 years ago, I have been working every day on the design of my shirts looking for the most beautiful fabrics and sublimating them with an irreproachable workmanship. I am very focused into the quality of my fabrics and most of all the stitchings brought on each of my shirts. I guarantee you a life span of your shirts of 8 years, a cut and fit corresponding to your morphology. Because I create all the collections myself, and design the patterns, your shirt is really unique.

2. A high quality production

I am very attached to a European fabrication which is a guarantee of good and valued quality (a renowned success within my industry). All our pieces are made in a traditional way by passionate seamstresses, always in perfection quest. The little extra is my full ownership on the making of my collections since I take care of everything : from the choice of my fabrics within my weaver showroom to the sale of my products within my Parisian shop.

3. My collections are in limited editions

You are unique and you don't want to look like everyone else... That's a good thing, neither do we. Each shirt is manufactured in a limited edition (18 shirts, 2 models per size except for our collection of white and blue shirts from our "The Essentials" range). This allows you to please yourself by making sure you don't see your shirt being worn by someone else

4. "Classical shirts with a twist of originality"

I always seek to infuse a touch of freshness and originality into each of my products through subtle and delicate details. For instance, each shirt is designed with the wish to bring you this little thing that makes the difference and therefore gives our products this unique charm. For example? The technique :

In each shirts, the collar feets are covered for a better comfort, collars are mounted in 4 parts, two swallows are sewed in a twill fabrics to reinforce the seams from the front and back of the shirt, the buttons are stitched on foot in the same way as Zampa di Gallina and are made of real Australian mother of pearl (the most beautiful quality in the world) and finally, I have sewed the last buttonhole horizontally to avoid the shirt to get out at the stomach level.

5. Our advice is personalized

Doubts about the colors that go well together, a question about a size, about the shirt care or you want to make a tailor-made shirt? I will lead you in the choice of your shirts and ties, by telephone, by email or directly in the shop. Therefore, feel free to come and meet me from Monday to Saturday from 11h30 to 19h30. If you can't make it, call me at the following number : 0033 1 48 78 25 71 or send me an email at the following address : contact@howards.fr

6. Our touch-ups service

You want to do some touch-ups on your shirts but don't dare to leave them to your retoucher? I offer you a touch-up service in our workshop located next to our shop in the 8th district of Paris. Once your order is placed, let us know by leaving make a comment or call us to let us know the touch-ups you want to be done. A neck too tight? too wide? Your sleeves are too long? Do you want to remove the clamps from your shirt? Shorten them? Change the cut of your shirt? We can touch-up everything. The most important thing is that your shirt fits and pleases you perfectlySo, do not hesitate and believe in us !

7. Delivery and packaging are done with care

I attach great importance to after-sales services. All our products are nicely and elegantly packaged, in cardboard boxes with silk sheets. You want to make a gift? Don't forget to leave us a comment and notify a request when you place your order. We can write or add a personalized card with a message for the person you want to gift. 

NB : To contribute to the protection of the environment, our packaging is recyclable.

8. Exchanges, returns and refunds are free of charge

Your product doesn't suit you? You can of course make an exchange or request a refund during 30 days from the delivery date of your package, by completing the return form and returning the product is in its original condition, without port sign.

                                                         9. Ethics and ecology

I want to combine ethics and development in all the collection I undertake. All fabrics are labelled "textile confidence" according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

I perform numerous tests on each fabrics that I buy so that they are certified in effect and in compliance with the human ecology.

This label is an international synonym for responsible textile production, from the raw material to the finished product in my shop.

10. Fianet

We are evaluated and rewarded "Premium Site" by the Fianet company, whose goal is to help you distinguish the most reliable website by displaying their performances, obtained by rating their customers.

I hope you have been able to understand how must we work with passion and respect, both for our products and for our clients.

If you have any request or questions regarding our story and company, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone (+331 48 78 25 71) or email (contact@howards.fr).



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