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Today, I am writing about an amazing Made to measure suit fabrics : the "Fresco". I'll tell you about the origin of the fresco, the creation in 1969 of Hardy Minnis, the spinning company, then the characteristics of this unique fabric. For the interested among you who read the article, please know that I have the catalogue of all the Fresco Hardy Minnis fabrics in my shop. When you will come in the shop to make your next  made to measure suit, do not hesitate to ask me to show you the " some " references (a few hundred so as not to scare you) of fabrics. It will be with great pleasure :-)

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Hardy Minnis: British manufacture of men's suit fabrics

Hardy Minnis is an English House that weaves magnificent canvases with emblematic designs and textures for renowned luxury House tailors who appreciate traditional traditional methods. Holder of a royal mandate, granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Hardy Minnis is known for his refined men's costumes and classic tweeds, but especially for his timeless fabrics. Renowned for its collections such as Alsport, Fresco and QZ, Hardy Minnis combines innovation in the making of its fabrics, not only by exclusive designs but also by the tradition and the incarnation of British elegance, which makes it a worldwide appeal. Created in the late 1960s by the fusion of two famous wool merchants, John G Hardy and J&J Minnis, the company has become one of the most respected fabric merchants in the industry over the years.

Creation of the English spinning mill Hardy Minnis

" Hardy "

M. John G Hardy founded his company in 1890. An intrepid and somewhat eccentric explorer, he scoured the small factories of the United Kingdom in search of tweeds and "country" fabrics. Legend has it that he was one of the first cloth merchants to visit the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides, and to introduce Shetland and Harris Tweeds to tailors around the world. He is said to have been so protective of his fabrics that, on his travels back to London, he would smuggle the new fabric samples found under his top hat... popularity of his signature tissues (the case of Alsport for example) attracted the attention of the royal family. For the small anecdote, in 1929, the Duke of York, who later became the King George VI, used a John G. Hardy fabric for the regimental Tweed of the Guards' Brigade..

" Minnis "

J&J Minnis, established in 1874 in London's West End by brothers James and John Minnis has since been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected names in the sheet trade worldwide.J&J Minnis, established in 1874 in London's West End by brothers James and John Minnis has since been recognized as one of the oldest and most respected names in the sheet trade worldwide.

Savile Row, 1902 : at the time already established as the world's most prestigious street for men's suits, J&J Minnis moved to number 16. The company quickly established a reputation for its magnificent luxury fabrics and refined creations and became the main resource for costume fabrics for its esteemed neighbours on "The Row". J&J Minnis is also widely recognized as the first British fabric merchant to introduce the exceptional quality fabrics from Savile Row to the Japanese market.

Hardy Minnis

The two companies merged in 1969 and J&J Minnis inherited the Royal Warrant, which is now jointly granted to Hardy Minnis. suit, neutral but not dull. So they created the solution: the " Fresco " !

Fresco features: summer men's suit fabric

Fresco is a fabric made of many wool yarns. The twisted yarn, which makes the fabric quite rough to the touch, but also airy and very dense. Dense but not completely opaque (you only have to place it against the light to see it); dense but not completely plain either (so much so that on some samples, it could almost look like a mottled fabric). Fresco is a durable men's suiting fabric, which " stands "" and wrinkles little. Its use extends to other seasons than summer since it " breathes ".

Men's Fresco suit fabric collection

There are several types of "Fresco": three-ply (between 435 and 465 g/m), the two-ply (between 280 and 310 g/m) and the high-twist (between 250 and 280 g/m). Very dressy or to be worn casually, "fresco" is a derivative of the Italian word meaning "fresh" and perfectly describes this superb men's suit fabric, woven from multiple wool yarns, high-twist and plain. You will be able to see, during your next visit in the shop, the high twist which allows an open weave (clearly visible to the naked eye) which makes the fabric very airy. When you touch it, it will appear a little " coarse "" or even " hard " or rough . Its color, rather ordinary has a multitude of nuances which contribute to make it less transparent. ideal solution during the hot summer days. I had the chance to make several tailor-made suits in Fresco fabrics in the shop (navy blue in particular) for customers who lived in Asia and where the humidity was very high. This is the perfect alternative to wear a suit in the summer, or in a warm countryon top of your shirt (and for even more lightness, opt for the "unlined" option).

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