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It's almost summer and even during this period of quarantine, we are starting to want to dress in fabrics that are a little lighter but more comfortable for working from home. That's why today, I decided to put forward a material, a men's shirt fabric that I like very much: linen. Before starting this article, I also take the opportunity to tell you about some linen shirts that I brought out this year. Plain or printed, I had fun and pleasure in choosing the most beautiful linen shirt fabrics that exist. I let you discover them by following the following link: 

Enjoy your reading!

The peculiarity of a men's linen shirt

This summer: wear a linen shirt! Linen has the particularity to keep us cool despite the high temperatures. Its textured and natural material plays on a casual style. Indeed, linen is full of qualities when the hot weather arrives, especially if you want to wear it at work.

One of the assets of a linen shirt is the absorption of perspiration, allowing freshness to pass more easily. This way, you will have a pleasant feeling of being dry all the time while wearing your linen shirt during your working day. I also know the preconceptions you have about linen shirts, especially its fabric that you perceive to the naked eye as crumpled and "pilling".

Let me assure you that this is not the case. Natural and resistant to aging, this shirt fabric is particularly taut during weaving, which creates this effect. Also, I've often heard in the shop, "what about washing?"

Taking care of a men's linen shirt

A linen shirt has the same maintenance as a cotton shirt, i.e. 30°, 600 rpm and no tumble dryer! Moreover, linen is a material that dries extremely fast: a happiness so in summer when you travel, think about it :-)

I would also like to emphasize a point that you often find in shops: the softness of a linen shirt. You often say to me: "Its rough and textured aspect doesn't look soft to me?" Well, don't worry, it's getting softer with time. Linen is a material that softens and whose fiber is very pleasant to wear over the washes: your linen shirt will be softer and softer, give it a little time!

The advantages of wearing a linen shirt this summer?

The "magical powers" of a historical natural fibre

Originally from Egypt and discovered 4000 years ago, the technique of weaving has spread to Europe. Organic and natural, linen is a shirt fabric with amazing properties. Moreover, for the small anecdote of the article, France is the first linen producer in the world with 80% of the world production coming from France.

Therefore, this shirt fabric for men whose natural fiber is thousands of years old, is generally, for you a source of questions and especially on the choice:

How to choose a linen shirt?

Linen is a fairly common material for clothing designers and especially for shirts like Howard's. First of all, know that for my collections I choose linen shirts for men with two different percentages to please a greater part of you. A 70% cotton-30% linen blend or a 100% linen blend. The choice of these two linen shirts differs in particular for ironing: a cotton-linen shirt will iron more easily than a 100% linen shirt. However, each has its advantages.

For the cut, all our shirts are slim fitted: you can be reassured on this point. Your linen shirt will not look like a "boat sail" when you wear it. Quite the contrary. It will be adapted to your morphology, ideal if you want to wear it with a suit jacket to go to work lightly!

Speaking of work clothes, let me assure you of one last little thing. A linen shirt is worn with a tie! There are a lot of stereotypes that come back to me in shops about casual, casual, sports wear shirts... especially in linen or cotton-linen. Wearing a tie is even recommended and above all: dare to wear colors, it's summer ! Let your creativity speak for itself! The same goes for the mix of textures: combine linen with linen, but also with jeans and cotton, two fabrics that make a beautiful stylistic statement with a linen shirt.

If you want to wear your linen shirt with a suit: my personal advice is "fresco". For those of you who are not familiar with this fantastic men's suit fabric, here are a few points that would interest you: this suit fabric is quite rough to the touch, airy and very dense. Dense but not completely opaque or plain.

I recommend it in the summer season for its impeccable fall. Above all, Fresco is a durable suit fabric, it "stands up" and wrinkles little. You could even extend its use to seasons other than summer, since Fresco "breathes".

I'll tell you more about this men's suit fabric in the next article!

Have a great day everyone and above all, take good care of yourself.


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