Howard's Workshop

Howard's personalizes and revisits its classics for your company. 

We create at your request, products that reflect your organization and respect your values.

Shirts, polos, ties or even bow ties, scarves or neckerchief to your colors ?

Welcome to the Howard's Workshop !

For 21 years, I have controlled everything. 

From the choice of my fabrics in the showroom, to the sale of finished shirts and ties.

My mission is to bring you orientated towards pieces that you look like you : the most important thing being that you don't have to ask yourself any questions and that the choice is simply made !

Our challenge ?

Keeping our singularity while keeping the values of a company with human size, proud of the craft man ship skills we always had. We are transparent on the origin and the authenticity of our pieces. We especially want to strengthen the proximity that we have created with our customers.

The Howard's Workshop allows you to create, from distance or in store, products for your collaborators or customers.

Which products to customize ?

I make ties and accessories for the men's wardrobe in my workshops in Italy and France.

The fabrics are chosen by myself and exclusively woven or printed for my collections.

The know-how of my seamstresses, minutely built over 20 years of collaboration, allows me to create products to infinity. By going through ready-to-wear like shirts or polos, or accessories like ties, bow ties, scarves, I can make anything. And this may interest you to create links within your teams and build loyalty among your valued customers.

Which customizations ?

You have understood it well : this personalization workshop allows you to create exclusive pieces for your organization and thus to bring harmony and unicity. Entirely customizable, your pieces will be custom made. The goal is to bring a very personal touch to your products and represent the best your company.

You don't know where to start but want to take a step forward ?

You can count on my expertise : I will guide you as best I can so that the final result is representing your values and messages at the best by your organization.

Writings or logos in embroidery, woven or printed?

Be creative and have fun...

You have a project in mind ?

Let's start the adventure together !

Call me to discuss about it : 01 48 78 25 71 or send me an email with your ideas :

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