Made to measure ties

I created Howard's Paris en 1997. From the beginning, control over the product from A to Z was a matter of course. Today, the team has grown and it is at 3 that we are making progress in the adventure and sharing our passion. We do not only make collections de shirts and ties in ready-to-wear but also offer a custom service, in store at 45 rue d'Amsterdam, in the 8th district of Paris, or by telephone wherever you are.

Our tailor-made offer

We make traditional way of custom ties (3 or 7 folds), to be tied or customizable, "lavallière" or pussycat bow, ascot and also pocket squares matching the outfit.

Among our very wide choice of fabrics, 2000 references are available in the workshop. We are proud to offer you a range of fabrics which is distinguished by several categories, in particular silk, wool, tweed, silk grenadine, linen, cotton and many others.

To start with: the basic characteristics of a tie

You start the adventure by choosing the fabrics that you like and then to choose both the width and length of the tie. Everything is possible but we advise you, depending on your morphology and your jacket lapels that you usually wear, a tie width between 6 and 10 cm, to avoid going into oversizing. For the length, it is exactly the same. We advise you, based on your size, to stay between 130 and 170 cm and thus have a nice tie hold.

Once the fabrics, width and length choose, it is up to you to decide the folding and the lining of your tie (if you wish one). We offer you the traditional folding : 7 folds, or the basic folding : 3 folds. For the connoisseurs among you, we can also do a 9 or 12 folds tie.

Doubled or not, with a wool or silk lining, your tie must look just like you. We therefore offer you a personalization service, so you can take ownership of your tie as best as possible.

For that purpose, we have created nice small details, to sublimate and add a little bit of "you" in your tailor made tie. We want you to feel proud for both making and wearing your tie, your creation... because it is only yours.

A personalization service?

Visible at the back of the tie, you can, once again, choose everything. We have therefore made sure to create subtle and visible details for those who will be sensitive to craft work.

These are our own finishes: one or more travettos, a stitched Daisy, cross stitches, one bride; they all will be mounted and embroidered by hand by our seamstresses in the workshop.

Price and delivery

Price of our tailor-made ties depends on the fabrics and details that you want on your tie. Basically, the price for a tailor-made tie, all inclusive, is 169 euros; its manufacturing time, 4 weeks.

For more information: contact me by phone at 01 48 78 25 71 and by mail :

Hope to hear from you very soon,


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