Shirts touch-ups

Howard's Paris can touch up your shirt !

Your shirt doesn't fit you perfectly ?

Give it back and trust us.

We have a special service of touch ups for our shirts, in the workshop located just behind our shop.

You have just placed an order on the internet or came at the shop and you are not satisfied with your shirt ? We take care of everything.

You don't live in Paris ? or can't move? Send us an email with explanatory photos and mentioning the touch-ups you would like to be made.

You live in Paris, or in the suburbs ? Come see us. We will do the touch-ups directly in the shop.

We can touch-up everything from your ready-to-wear shirt.

* My collar is too small/too large : we can move the first collar button to allow you having more ease and be able to knot your tie or bow tie.

* My sleeves are too long: we can shorten the sleeves.

* My shirt is too long : we can shorten the skirt.

* I am used to wearing regular shirts (straight cut) : we can release your pinces.

* I want my shirt to be more fitted : we can tighten the clamps on your back.

* I want to wear a short sleeves shirt : we can cut its sleeves.

For more information, call me at au 01 48 78 25 71 or send me an email to the following address

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