Which knot to do ?

The simple knot :

How to wear it ?

The simple knot is the classic tie knot. This is the most used node. Easy to do, it fits with all shirt collars. Conical and elongated, the simple knot is narrow with thin ties and wider with thick ties.

How to tie it up ?


The double knot :

How to wear it ?

The double knot requires a second rotation. That is to say that the large pan has passed twice around the small pan. Thicker, than the simple knot, we recommend it for ties made of light materials such as silk (woven, grenadine and printed) and 8 cm wide. It's prettier. 

How to tie it up?

Double knot

The Windsor knot :

How to wear it ?

The Windsor knot is the knot for special occasions. Voluminous, we recommend to make it on your cut-away collar shirts. Formal in its appearance and large in its triangular shape, it will fit better around the neck of people with a slightly more rounded face

How to tie it up?


The half Windsor knot :

The half Windsor knot is thinner and easier to make the Windsor node. We recommend wearing it on a shirt with Italian collar.

Do not hesitate to watch the videos above, I have recorded myself doing them for a better and easier understanding !

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