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If you have clicked on this link it is probably because you have one (few) question(s) about our collections and our story. To answer you the best, wherever you are, I have written several guides based on the questions I have been frequently asked by email, phone and shop.

I have divided this guide into 3 distinct parts : the frequently asked questions on our shirts, ties and online purchases. Good reading....


1. Where are your shirts made?

Our shirts are made of Europe. We have workshops in France, Italy and Germany. We are very attached to quality and proximity.

2. Do you offer a tailor-made shirt making service?

Yes. For more information, I invite you to read all my explanations in the tailor-made shirt guide.

3. Where are your shirts fabrics come from?

Our shirt fabrics come from the most old English and Italian spinning mills. I choose them directly from their workshops, every season, twice a year. 

4. Which shirt fabrics do not wrinkle?

Our shirt fabrics that do not wrinkle are part of the "Journey" range from Thomas Mason. I wrote a specific guide explaining what and how it make them special and also a special shirt category to find them "The Essentials".

5. What are the lightest shirts fabrics you have?

Among the lightest fabrics, I have chosen to offer you linnen, seersucker and giro inglese. These are shirt fabrics suitable for moments of hot heat.

6. What is the cut of your shirts?

All our shirts are "slim fit" (adjusted cut), fitted for each of your morphologies.

7. Is it possible to touch up my shirt?

Yes. We offer a remote touch-up service. For more information, I invite you to read the guide which is dedicated to it.

8. How do I know my shirt size?

In each product sheet of our shirts, you have access to a size guide indicating how to know your shirt size.

9. What are the basic, essential shirts to have?

You will find all the essential shirts to have in your wardrobe in the range "The Essentials". 

10. How to accessorize my shirt?

To accessorize your outfit, tie a tie or a bow around your neck. If you want to go a little bit further, take a look at our accessories.


1. Where are your ties made?

Our ties are made in EuropeWe have two workshops, one in Italy, the other in France.

2. Do you offer a custom tie making service?

Yes. For more information, I invite you to read all my explanations in the tailor-made guide.

3. Where do your tie fabrics come from?

Our tie fabrics come from English, Italians, German and French weavers. As for the fabrics of my shirts, I choose them directly in their workshops each season when I create my collections.

4. What tie knot to make?

To know what tie knot to make, I suggest you read our guide and watch the explanatory videos.

Online shopping

1. What is the availability of the pieces published on the site ?

We have the same stock in our physical shop (45 rue d'Amsterdam) as in the online shop. The availability of our pieces is visible in each of the product sheets created. Please note that no restocking is planned for our "limited edition" pieces.

2. How can I get assistance to place or modify my order?

We are available from Monday to Saturday, by phone at the following number  +331 48 78 25 71 or by email at the following address to help you in any of your requests. 

3. What are the delivery costs and times?

We deliver in Metropolitan France for free from 99 euros purchase, within 72h. For other destinations, please refer to our delivery guide.

4. How to track the delivery of my order ?

A mail indicating the tracking number of your package is automatically sent to you following your order so that you can track it wherever you are. For more information, read the delivery guide.

6. Can I pick up my order directly at the shop?

Yes. We keep your order in store for 3 months from the day of your order. For more information on the delivery of your order, refer to our delivery guide.

7. Can I designate another person to pick up my order at the shop?

Yes. The confirmation email of your order as well as its identity card will be requested when the pieces will be picked up at the shop.

8. When will my order be available at the shop?

Your order is available at the shop when you place your online order. A confirmation email will informe you that you can pick it up at the shop at 45 rue d'Amsterdam, 75008.

9. Which payment methods are accepted?

The payment of your purchases can only be made by credit card or bank card : Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Maestro®, JCB®, Union Pay®. You will need to indicate your credit card number  as well as its expiry date and the cryptogram on the page provided for this purpose. Paypal is also possible. To learn more about the security of your payment, read the guide made about payment methods and security.

10. How to return or exchange my piece(s) ?

You have 14 days from the date of your order to return or exchange your piece(s). To generate the request, you have to be connected to your customer account and follow the written procedures in the return and delivery guide

The answer to your question is not in the frequently asked questions ?

Contact me, by phone at the following number +331 48 78 25 71 from Monday to Saturday between 11h30 and 19h30 or by email at the following address:

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