Give a gift

You want to offer a gift? 

You don't know what to offer ?

Offer a shirt ?

Offer a shirt can be a gift a little complex. Apart from the model, the size choice is essential. You need to know what is the shirt size of the person you want to offer your gift. Know that we have designed our own patterns: so we do not cut exactly in the same way as the other shirts makers. 

However, our sizes are standards and based on morphologies that are all basic and classic (our sizes range from 37 to 42). Refer to our size guide if you have any hesitation.

Offer a tie ?

Offer a tie may seem difficult. You want to offer it to a purist? A person who is a HUGE fan of ties? Choose a 7-fold tie. Otherwise, choose the one you like the most without worrying about it. If you find it beautiful, don't think too long. Love happens at first sight !


Your products are delivered in an beautiful Howard's box and packed in silk paper.

It is possible to include an accompanying card when ordering. When you place your order, mention it to us by mail or phone. Take the opportunity to enter the message you want to address or request a blank card that you can personalize yourself .

Gift cards

You also have the possibility to offer a gift card(s). You want to order online? Visit our gift card page made available to you. You were thinking of an  other amount than the one indicated on the screen? It is possible for us to create for you a customized amount at your request. You just have to call the following number : +331 48 78 25 71 or send me an email to the following address: I will take care of you and generate the amount you want by distance.

Don't hesitate to call us at the number I just mentioned above if you want more information, advices and other requests for your gift. We are here to help you make the best choices!

I hope to see you soon and cherish your surroundings...


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