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If you have clicked on this page, it is because you are hesitant facing the choice of your tie.

First order ? Perplex in front of your mirror ?

You want to buy a beautiful tie and you don't know which one ? The wider the choice, the more complicated. And my collection is not exhaustive. I make new models almost every month, when the fabrics "talk to me" by making unique pieces. I therefore constantly offer new products in terms of fabrics, linings, colours, prints, folds and details. 

I started the adventure as a tie maker (when I was 17 years). I have therefore made a lot of ties and have never stopped innovating since. Your choice can therefore be very complicated with that many models but I will help you find the tie that will best meet your expectations in this guide.

You don't know which tie fabric to choose ? 

Choosing the fabrics of your tie may seem difficult but it is actually very simple. If you find the tie beautiful, take it ! Don't worry about how you would wear it with because if you like it, you will find a suit and most of all, a shirt to wear it with.

White shirt? Blue shirt? Striped or plain? Don't trust what they say in blog articles, guides, what they all advice you to to believe because you have to respect the rules ! It's your choice, your personality, your tastes. Choose your tie just for the beauty it gives you and you will see that the choice will never be complicated again.

I make my tie collections so that you like them and that you don't find them anywhere else. I try to make you discover fabrics, colors, prints exclusively designed for me in the showrooms, create new details, a spirit, a theme around ties. To discover all my tie fabrics and learn more about their differences and specificities, I present them in the guide down below.... Click and be inspired!

Tie fabrics

You don't know which tie to choose ? 

It is the same as for the choice of the tie fabrics, do not give as much importance to its width and its matching combos. For the few purists among you who are reading my guides today, you probably want a 7-fold tie : so your choice is simple because oriented. For others who read me and don't know too much about ties, take the model you like ! Choosing a tie may seem difficult but it is actually very simple. If you find it beautiful, your choice is made !

However, if you want to reassure yourself by following the codes and rules you have read, go ahead. But the most important thing is that the piece pleases you and embellishes you. In the guide I wrote down below, I explain the different ties you can find at Howard's.... Click and take the step! Enjoy yourself.

Which tie to choose ?

You don't know which tie to wear for a job interview?  

You have a job interview, a very important appointment, a decision meeting and you don't know which tie to wear? I will help you find the right tie for these situations. Be aware, once again, that wearing a tie is not complicated, its choice even less. Some are very hesitant in the face of the dilemmas of wearing a tie.

You want to make a good impression good impression from the first appointment , be remembered, be granted the position? I've been there and that's why I created Howard's. I am therefore able to guide you as best as possible in your choices. This is important but the more you put the high bar on your outfit the more you will be on the day of the appointment, hesitant and dissatisfied : so the idea is to do the things simply. I tell you all the tips in the form below... 

What tie to wear for a job interview?

Why should you wear a silk grenadine tie?  

La grenadine de soie ? You must have already heard about it but you don't know how to put an image on this matière. Or you've never heard of it and you're curious? Silk grenadine is the most versatile tie material you will find, so you should have it in your locker room. You don't know what to choose in the morning before leaving for work ?

There is the solution at your long moments of hesitation... la silk grenadine ! No need to worry about it... Read the presentation I made on my silk grenadine ties by clicking on the link below and you will never see it the same way again ! Wearing a tie must become a time of pleasure.

Why wear a silk grenadine tie?

7-ply tie? Why wear it?  

You must have already heard or read "7 folds" just after the word tie. Why? < It is its folding feature that is called "traditional". We are not much at knowing how to do it yet, but the secret is well kept (at least in our country). on itself is a know how to make rare and only the passionate will understand the delicate and the search of the work provided.

2 meters of fabric, voluminous knot, fallen magnificent... These are all elements that distinguish it from a "normal" 3-ply tie. You want to acquire a ? But don't know for what occasion to wear it? Read my explanations in the sheet below and you'll want to tie one around your neck ! 

Why wear a 7-ply tie?

You don't know which tie knot to make ? 

You want to buy a beautiful tie and don't know what node to make? I explain in the sheet below how and in which case to make the tie knot. To explain it better, I filmed myself doing them. 

What tie knot to make ?

You are not completely convinced ?

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