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My advice on shirts

If you have clicked on this page, it is probably because you are hesitant facing the choosing of your shirt.

First order ? Perplex in front of your mirror ?

You want to take a step forrward and acquire your first Howard's shirt, but don't know which one? I will help you with this shirt guide specially designed for your first steps here.

My 20 years of experience in the shirt making industry will help you and, most of all, allow you to acquire a shirt at your cut, fit and size ! In each of the following guides, I help and advice you to adopt the right reflexes to have at the shop or at from wherever you are around the world to buy a Howard's shirt, adapted to your morphology

To start, be aware that the shirt must be the a basic garment of your locker room (even the first !) : casual, dressed or formal, it is ESSENTIAL.

You have found us and you can be reassured regarding the quality of the fabrics and the making of the shirts. I always choose the best fabrics from my weavers. I am really focused on extreme precision from my seamstresses and you will understand why by reading the guides down below.

You don't know what your size is with us?  

I have make it very simple, we do only one cut (fited) and 6 sizes (from 37 to 42). I have been adapting my patterns to your request for the past 20 years. To know what your Howard's shirt size is, I guide you over there : click on the link below and your choice will be made very quickly !

Size guide

You don't know how to take care of your shirt? 

You don't want to ruin the fabric of your shirt? You are not the only one. By clicking on the link down below, you will discover simple solutions and answers to your requested questions.

Shirts care instructions

Why should you buy a Howard's shirt? 

You knew Howard's throughout the internet, by reading a blog article or from a friend but don't dare jump the step and try our shirts? This completely is normal. You have probably always been used to the same cuts, sizes, shirt collars, bought from the same shirt maker.... But it's time for you to take that step forward and try our shirts. Why? You will immediately understand what makes us strong within the shirts industry by clicking on the link down below.

Why to buy a Howard's shirt?

You don't know which shirt collar to choose? 

In my ready-to-wear collection I offer you 7 types of collars. I have adapted them by making sure that each collar meets your expectations. You will therefore find traditional, contemporary, modern, casual collars... Moreover, you want to wear a tie? A bowtie? Accessorize your shirt?  Which shirt collar best suits your desires, expectations, tastes ? Click on the link down below to discover our collars, their specificity and understand how to wear them. 

Shirt collars

You don't know which shirt wrist to choose? 

In my ready-to-wear collection, I offer you two different cuffs : simple and french. Both are suitable for different occasions and that's why I wanted to present them to you in the guide down below.

Shirt cuffs

What makes us different from other shirt makers? 

You have arrived on our website and you still can't decide to buy our shirts ? The choice is not that complicated though. What sets us apart from other shirt makers is our passion and our willingness to offer you the best. We have control to all the production of our shirts (from the fabrics selection to the sale in our shop in the 8th district in Paris). To learn more about us, click on the link down below...

The secrets of a Howard's Paris shirt

Why should you buy a shirt with a Journey fabric from Thomas Mason? 

Thomas Mason? You may have heard about it before, but don't know why it is that important though. Journey shirt? Same, it's very fuzzy. You don't know the reasons why you have to buy a shirt from the Journey range? Here I am, explaining all this in the link down below.... 

The Journey shirt from Thomas Mason

You are not completely convinced ?

Do not hesitate to call me: +331 48 78 25 71 or send me an email at the following addess :

Hope to see you very soon,


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