Care instructions

The collar, the cuffs, the sleeves, the button placket: so many parts of your shirt that you are likely to stain.

Above all, we can not advise you enough to bet on quality when it comes to buying a shirt.

The material of the shirts is a guarantee of quality.

Therefore, prefer a shirt with a 100% cotton fabrics (or with a maximum percentage of cotton).

A shirt stitched in a quality fabric will clean much more easily and will not move after many washes.

In addition, washing and ironing excessive damage the fabric so bet on their quality and strength.

Remember that the maintenance of your clothes will directly impact their lifespan.

To wash your shirts, the washing machine will be your best ally.

But it's important to note the following 3 tips before you start washing your shirts:

-Do not exceed 40 degrees

-Do not stuff the drum of your machine with colors that may fade

-Bannze the dryer

How to clean a shirt?


Appearance of the stain

Make a habit of delicately rubbing the stain with a  cloth and very hot water  immediately.

Soaps and cleaning products are to be banned because you may discolor your clothes.

Before washing

If you have shirts with removable wicking collars, remove them.

Also have the reflex to take a look at the entire shirt and target the spots to clean.

This will allow you to have no surprises after washing and to see spots still present.

Once the spots are targeted, use K2r brand stain remover.

Dab gently and let the product act on the stain time indicated on the product, to imbibe enough.

Put your shirt(s) in the washing machine at 30 degrees, no more not less.

This is the purpose of dry stain remover: to remove stains at low-medium temperature.

After turning on the washing machine

Remove your shirt from the washing machine quickly enough to prevent it from becoming imbued with the bad smell generated by moisture.

Then lay it on a hanger.

Once again, the dryer is to be banned.


The best is to iron a shirt still slightly damp and upside down.

Begin by ironing the sleeves and then the wrists.

Continue with the back of the shirt and the front panels.

Finish with the collar.

If wrinkles persist, moisten the part where you want to see them disappear.

After ironing

Heal your shirts or fold them carefully to save yourself a new ironing session.

Remember to donate your collar whales if you wear shirts with removable whale collars.

NB: Be sure to wear your shirt once your deodorant is dry.

For a more thorough wash, here are our tips to whiten your collars, cuffs and shirt paws:

Marseille soap for more or less showy spots :

Gently rub the dirty parts with barely damp Marseille soap.

Once a small crust of soap forms on the stain, leave for at least 1 hour, then machine up following our previous recommendations.

White vinegar for showy spots :

Pour on the moistened neck a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

Rub gently and rinse with warm water.

Put your shirt in a machine according to our previous recommendations.

If you have any hesitation to maintain your shirts, contact us at 01 48 78 25 71.

We will be happy to answer you !

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