Journey shirt from Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason

I have been working since the end of 2013 with Thomas Mason and from the beginning I was very satisfied with the result.

To tell you a little more, the Journey collection at Thomas Mason is known for what they call their "Wrinkle Resistant shirt".

In general, the so-called "wrinkle-free" shirts are because the manufacturers add an ammonia-based chemical layer smothering the cotton of the shirt, making it stiff and rigid.

Here, this is not the case.

The Journey range, as its name suggests, keeps the shirt flawless all day long. And I will explain you why.

As a matter of fact, the Thomas Mason's Journey collection features innovative fabrics made from the best cottons in Egypt.

The special treatment, that keeps the cotton fibers well parallel to each other, gives a smooth, clean look and a particular brightness.

The treatment applied to these fabrics makes it possible to limit wrinkles after washing, to facilitate ironing, and to prevent the shirt from creasing.

The selected cotton fibers are extra-long, to be spun and then woven in Italy.

Tests on the fabric

Indeed, it is far from a marketing effect touting the merits of a shirt without maintenance, but on this product there is really a difference, sustainable.

We even received the AATTC Award (American Association Textile Chemical Colorist) with 3 out of 5 stars.

Why ?

Thomas Mason manages to reconcile shirt without ironing and comfortable shirt, by proposing a new type of treatment, on natural fibers.

Thomas Mason has developed an innovative, natural and environmentally friendly treatment.

The cotton fiber is spun in Italy. It is the same for the making of the fabric.

Tissue rolls dedicated to the Journey range are then shipped to Belgium.

A first anti-crease treatment is applied to this fabric.

The fabric is bathed in a very low temperature solution which is then completely removed from the fabric during drying.

The cotton fiber has retracted, giving dynamic properties to the fabric.

A fabric at the peak of perfection

In Belgium

The Belgian company partner of Thomas Mason has a unique installation in Europe and a reliable and constant industrial practice.

By avoiding any pollutant releases thanks to recovery and recycling operations, this partner benefits from the Oeko-Tex label guaranteeing the ecological nature of the process as well as the absence of toxic products.

In Swiss

After this first treatment, the tissue rolls are shipped to Switzerland.

A special resin is applied to preserve the cotton threads.

Why to wear a Journey shirt?

It's the shirt that combines limited maintenance and comfort.

They are not 100% crease resistant, it's impossible. But when you take them out of the washing machine, you just have to let them dry on a hanger.

When ironing your shirt, it will scrub in a easier way than other basic shirts.

There is no secret: a nice shirt needs to be ironed !

With the Thomas Mason's Journey collection, we are not trying to get rid of the task, but to make it much easier for you.

I let you discover our beautiful shirts from the Journey range ...

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