Howard's PARIS ready to wear shirts

Howard's PARIS is an online store that offers high quality shirts.

Frédéric Costafounder of the brand, had his first life in the luxury automobile industry before his destiny changed to fashion. In fact, he worked as a mechanic for BMW for 4 years, became the best worker in Ile-de-France until the day he decided to apply for Ferrari.

He looks for a tie for his interview: the one he finds gives him the impression of being disguised.

He decides to rework the shape of his tie and adapt to his personality through the sewing machine of his mother.

This will be the first in his collection.

In 1997, he decided to leave the world of cars to found Howard's PARIS alongside his brother.

Turning 20, he opened the shop at 45 rue d'Amsterdam (Paris 8th).

Frédéric Costa starts out in the men's fashion world with his only desire to create unique products. It is this desire that drives him to travel to France, Italy, Switzerland and England to meet the masters of matter, clothing and fashion.

He is introduced to this art and thus discovers a fascinating universe: that of the hundred-year-old looms, creators of fabrics with an overflowing imagination, the softness of Egyptian cottons, the beauty of handmade work, the magnificent coloring of the silk, the unique touch of Sea Island cottons, the incomparable reflection of mother of pearl buttons from Australia (Mother of Pearl).

Over the years, his passion and commitment have made him an experienced, demanding and experienced professional recognized by his peers. Frédéric Costa wanted to keep the intimacy and confidentiality of his brand to make it the address of refined men sensitive to quality products.

The shirts are fashioned in Normandy by a workshop created in 1976 and composed of a team of 6 seamstresses. 

I think it is an essential piece in a wardrobe because it is very easy to match all the colors of costumes. This shirt is made of a very dense and very comfortable twill fabric.

In terms of the characteristics of this model, we find an Italian collar and beveled cuffs with 2 buttons. The shirt is 100% cotton double twisted and has a curved shape.

We also see that the quality of homemade is exceptional. The making of this shirt is also detached by the concern for the little detail that makes all the difference.

A beautiful discovery!


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