Howard's Paris

Dear readers,

I apologize for the time that has elapsed since my last article. January has been loaded, but I promise you to regain a more regular pace of publication.

To implement these good resolutions, what better than a new rubric?

So today I start the first installment of a new series called "brands that I love" and which will be dedicated to Howard's PARIS, brand of shirts and accessories for men who became, in just a few years, a reference of male cloakroom.

Howard's PARIS was founded in 1997 by Frederic Costa, 20 years old at the time who opened his shop Paris (45 rue d'Amsterdam, 75008) where the shop is still located today.

For years, Howard's PARIS has been mainly known to some insiders and customers living or working in the neighborhood, before being put under the spotlight a few years ago by some bloggers like Hugo Jacomet with Parisian Gentleman or BonneGueule.

Since then, it is clear that it is difficult to focus on masculine elegance without hearing the good of that brand. From then on, my curiosity piqued by these many opinions read on the web, I decided to check for myself what it was.

So I went on an adventure in this neighborhood behind the station Saint Lazare.

First surprise, the store is the only clothing brand in its perimeter, and is not, as is increasingly the case, located in a street where are agglomerated stalls devolving textile.

Second surprise, the shop is very small. Nevertheless, these past surprises, you understand, from the entrance, that you are not mistaken place.

Ties carefully aligned attract my eye and excite my retina.

Because at Howard's PARIS, the tie is very beautiful, it is worked with models that you will not find anywhere else. I immediately spot beautiful models in printed wool, which contrast with the classic silk tie (whether printed or woven).

No time to take my mind that already offered me other beautiful models in flannel.

Overall Howard's PARIS offers a collection of neckties with varied fabrics such as silk, silk grenadine, wool, flannel, giving pride of place to the traditional 7-fold tie.

The finishes are extremely neat with some ties a detail appreciated by fans, the fly closure hand embroidered dot daisy.

Finally, let us point out that a certain number of models proposed are mounted by hand in a Parisian workshop.

After ties, my eyes are irretrievably attracted to shirts and a particular model, the pin collar (with collar pin), which is really difficult to find within the market and is truly honored at Howard's.

More generally, the shirts are, like neckties, made with high quality fabrics from Thomas Mason, a reference, seams up to 8 to 9 points per cm, mother of pearl buttons from Australia and of course the famous swallow reinforcement.

Finally, before leaving (not empty-handed rest assured), I dwell on the beautiful collection of pouches proposed by Howard's.

There is something for everyone: plain, with (very beautiful) patterns, silk, linen, wool, cotton, it's a real pleasure to browse all these squares of fabrics that will be housed in the pocket of my jacket and enhance my outfit.

Before concluding, I can not ignore the reception of the master of the place, very good indeed.

He will be happy to inform and guide you.

So, if you are looking for a tie, a wallet or a shirt of a certain standard, believe me, go to Howard's, whether in the shop or online.


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