Howard's PARIS 7-fold tie

By Traz

May 18, 2013 (article updated on December 12, 2017)

Discreet and little known to the general public, Howard's PARIS house is however highly appreciated by lovers of elegance, who find there shirts and ties of high quality at reasonable prices, like this 7-fold tie.

7-fold ties are named after their particular manufacturing method. Unlike classic ties that consist of a silk wrap containing a wool or synthetic interlining, the 7-fold tie is made from a large piece of silk, folded 7 times on itself to give the tie its structure and thickness.

An expensive construction that requires 2 to 3 times more silk than a classic tie, but the touch (the "hand") incomparable, which makes them very popular lovers of beautiful ties.

Howard's offers a wide range of 7-fold neckties, in silk-lined grenadine or not, as well as in wool and cashmere.

So, yes it's not cheap, but it's one of the best things about ties.


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