Howard's PARIS shirt : Our testimonial and opinion

By Rody

June 23, 2017 (article updated March 21, 2018)

When we look out the window, that we feel the warm air engulfing, a thought makes us immediately smile: it's soon holidays. If we still have a few days to shoot, we already imagine on the hot sand beaches, in jerseys, with only the sounds of the lapping of the water and the plaintive cry of seagulls or terrible children that our dear napkin neighbors had the courtesy to bring to the beach.

Under this explosion of mental pleasure hides a sad reality: barely begun, we know that this period of dolce vita will be the shortest of the year and that the return will arrive very quickly.

In order to prepare the best (and perhaps wait impatiently), the best is then to prepare his dressing room back to now.

To do this, we now offer you the test of a shirt Howard's, brand that you have elected as part of the 10 brands of shirts that must be known.

The brand

The story of Howard's is altogether banal

At the origin of this one, we find a man, Frédéric Costa. The latter is then a mechanic at BMW. His desire to work in the fashion world is triggered during an interview with Ferrari.

Or more precisely before passing this famous interview. Indeed, not finding the tie that he wishes for the occasion, he decides to realize it himself. Frederic discovered then a passion for the creation of accessories and launched Howard's in 1997. From one thread to another (the word game was rather easy), he developed his brand and then of course offered quality shirts.

His pieces all reflect the same desire: to offer clothes combining the quality of English fabrics, the pleasure of Italian finishes and the rigor of French production (for some of these models only).

The ties are mostly mounted by hand in Paris.

Technical sheet

If the brand has a shop in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, we found our happiness on its e-shop.

We wanted something classic and happening everywhere, this shirt was timely. With a light blue sky, it is made from an Oxford from Thomas Mason House. His collar is obviously Italian, shape that the brand particularly appreciates for its versatility and offers on most of its models.

The buttons on the throat and wrists are Nacryl (mother of pearl powder mixed with polyester).

As for the wrists, they are beveled.


Undeniably, and all shirt lovers will tell you, Howard's ranks in the category of high-end blouses. As this classification obliges the brand to offer pieces up to the expectations of this range, the latter takes special care to protect its creations.

Thus, when we received the shirt, it was carefully wrapped in a thin flocked tissue paper brand logo. The package itself was enclosed in a cardboard sleeve closed by a light ribbon. It's clean and no frills, so really nice.

Whether it is a good wine, a good cigar or a masterpiece, epicureans will always give us the advice that, to appreciate a beautiful thing, you have to know how to take your time.

And that's exactly what we did with Howard's!

Once released from her tissue paper but not yet unfolded, we took the time to observe it in (almost) its entirety. We could then appreciate his collar, a relatively flared Italian of seven centimeters. This one has whales directly integrated under the fabric.

When we look at his editing, we realize that Frederic has really worked so that it can keep a perfect shape in all circumstances.

We also looked at his fabric.

The latter is a beautiful blue sky Oxford from the legendary Thomas Mason weavers house. For the little anecdote, this fabric is part of the "Journey" range of the house.

Made of 100% cotton, the latter is called double twisted. Under this denomination hides a technique aiming at twisting two wires at the same time so that they become one. This gives a fabric that is smoother, stronger, and more durable than a conventional one.

It is undeniable, the more we advance in the analysis of this shirt, the more we say that it is really well done. After observing the collar and the fabric in detail, let's move on to the throat now. This is said to be simple and is sewn only at its high and low ends.

In view of previous finishes, the buttons that run through it are in Nacryl, as at the level of the wrists (beveled). These are also sewn in "Zampa di Gallina" (or paw paw). This technique is once again a proof of quality (it will have to be found a fault at any time!).

Finally, the throat ends with a horizontal buttonhole guaranteeing a beautiful support to the fabric. The latter is sewn with red thread, as for the button that is attached to it.

Now let's take a look at what is undoubtedly the most important thing for a quality shirt: seams.

Unsurprisingly, they are impeccable, perfectly straight and very well done. Their seven centimeter points come from elsewhere to establish the fact that they will last undeniably in time. Whether for the sleeves or the sides of the shirt, they are built in double needle, which guarantees clean and clean seams.

Speaking of the flanks, these last ones are terminated by swallows of reinforcement.

These are made in a thin white fabric and bear the capital letter "H" Howard's. Finally, we find on the back two clamps that come to fitter the shirt. Fitting For this test we ordered a size 40 shirt and borrowed Max's bodybuilder body to make the photos.

Mid-level, no surprise: the line of shoulders fall perfectly.

Sleeve length is the same thing, the latter stopping at the birth of the hand.

The length is also sufficient to slip into pants without fear of seeing it escape during the day.

A no-fault level cut from Howard's?

Well not quite (I finally found a "default"!).

This shirt is classified in the category "fitted shirt". Honestly, and the views of the photos of illustration, this shirt is not enough curved and despite the two clips on his back. This is of course only a matter of taste and some will surely find happiness in this cup but, for us, it is too wide. Beyond that, we greatly appreciate the choice of fabric, flexible and lightweight, most appreciable by these hot weather.

To produce a quality object, whatever its nature, everyone will agree that the details are almost mandatory to achieve a certain level of excellence. 

Frederic has understood this and this shirt is the proof of it as it swarms with tiny details.

While the cut is not perfectly to our taste but when looking at the finishes, it should be bad time not to recognize the quality of this piece.

Sober and efficient, it goes perfectly with any formal outfit. Its wide and flared Italian collar, allows all fantasies in terms of tie knots.

In the end, and taking into account the quality/price ratio of this shirt, we say that we find it hard to better!


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