Howard's Paris : a house in constant progression

Hugo JACOMET 9 JAN 2017

If you are regular PG readers, you probably know that we have been keeping a watchful and caring eye, for a few years now, on the work of Frédéric Costa, the founder and owner of Howard's PARIS little house in Paris.

To say that when we met Frédéric Costa in 2013, on the advice of our friend Julien Scavini, Howard's was a small neighborhood shop - unfairly - unknown to the public (even lovers of masculine elegance), is not an affront to its bubbling and tireless founder.

By his own admission, his clientele was at the time essentially made up of neighborhood businessmen and his online store was still in its infancy.

Today, even if Howard's remains a small house in comparison with some behemoths of the sector, the progression of the brand, especially with fans and connoisseurs of the sartorial thing, has been impressive in the last two years with prestigious collaborations (the Caron perfumes), fruitful partnerships (Bonne Gueule) and a reputation now international (to which we like to think that PG is no stranger, dare I say).

The secret of this pretty success?

Nothing really rocket science: a devouring passion of the founder for masculine elegance, a hard work to offer more and more sophisticated and sophisticated collections, as well as an excellent reputation of the house within the community of "IGents As they say nowadays.

For several seasons Frederic Costa has therefore accustomed us to continually raise the quality of its ranges (of shirts, ties and accessories) and to offer products that are both innovative and particularly consistent with the market niche on which it operates. : lovers of beautiful things, well done and elegant.

And the least we can say is that the Howard's fall/winter collection does not disappoint with an avalanche of novelties, all as "felt" as each other and that will fall for those from among you who are waiting impatiently for the sales period to "let go" sartorialally, at a lower cost.

Here is a small panorama of the menu, now very wide, Howard's Paris with a focus on ties and accessories.

Jacquard Grenadine Ties:

It is a mix between Grenadine and Jacquard silk: on a basis of grenadine fabric, so-called "Jacquard" patterns are incorporated.

The result is quite impressive with discrete and sophisticated tone-on-tone patterns.

Grenadine wool ties:

The big success of Howard's last winter (with a wide striped series), is renewed in the same material but adding polka dots and plain patterns. Ties very easy to match.

Unlined three-fold ties:

Pretty novelties also in this range, with "reverso" woolen ties (in VBC fabrics) as well as many Madder patterns.

Seven-fold Paisley Grenadine Tie:

After many tests, Howard's seems to have found the right "dosage" to incorporate cashmere in this model particularly luxurious folds: 21% cashmere, 21% wool and 58% silk.

Sevenfold Ties:

Big development of this range with a now plethoric offer and many novelties including the appearance of ties with contrasting lining.

Vitale Barberis Canonico wool scarves:

New collection of scarves in VBC wool with hand finishing and stitched edges of a small point in cross in contrast. On the menu: plain, tiles, fantasies and double-sided models.

Silk twill handkerchiefs:

Here too, a huge work done with no less than 80 drawings for each collection!

The home format changes to 42x42 cm and produces a more opulent result in the breast pocket. A lot of creativity, with some pockets in four colors to match with several jackets.

Most of these models are produced in small quantities, and already being offered with significant discounts, so we can only advise you to rush into the Howard's shop in Paris or visit the online store.

The brand, in order to get our hands on these beautiful accessories that we adore at PG.

Once again, nice work.


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