Howard's PARIS goes upmarket

Hugo JACOMET 5 JAN 2016

Exactly three years ago to the day, following a good "pipe" by our friend Julien Scavini, we made you discover Howard's PARIS, a small shirts and ties house thanks to an article highlighting the excellent quality of home ties and, obviously, the now famous communicative passion of the master of the premises, Frédéric Costa.

Since this article, with which it is not exaggerated to say that we have opened to Howard's the doors of a national recognition (and even international) amply deserved, the least we can say is that Frederic does not has not been idle to both develop its ranges, be constantly up to its reputation (booming) and offer, season after season, collections increasingly sharp enough to satisfy the most demanding of us.

And while, since the beginning, we have mainly focused on the very beautiful ties of Howard's, it is clear that Frederic has recently worked hard to go upmarket in what is still the heart of his business : the shirts.


Today, after almost two years of background work on its production, organization and product quality, Howard's presents a collection of shirts in (very) net progress on all fronts, and for rates that remain particularly accessible: between 129 and 159 euros depending on models and fabrics.

To note :

- Fully reviewed patterns, five types of collars available, two types of wrists, one cut (slim fit).

- Much more elaborate finishes: semi-stitched collar (inside lining in contact with the neck and using a fine and high-end heat-sealing on the outside), thinner seams (8 to 9 dots per cm), English seams, the last horizontal buttonhole and pentagonal reinforcement swallows.

- Buttons are now in Mother of Pearl Australia.

Frédéric chose them flat and slightly hollowed inside to protect the seams of the drum during the passage in the washing machine. Finally, last but not least, the buttons are all hand-sewn "Zampa Di Gallina" (paw paw) and mounted on a button foot to facilitate the buttoning (a particularly pleasant detail for those who, like your servant, have tired of tearing your thumb every morning on thick buttons and almost impossible to button).

- The fabrics are classic and come from good Italian houses like Thomas Mason, Albini or Canclini.


This is undoubtedly the strong point of Howard's: ranges of ties always original, aesthetically very successful and very well done.

On the menu for this autumn 2016:

The wool grenadine:

Frédéric's idea of ​​using wool yarns on looms originally intended for silk grenadine hit home (if I may say so), with broadband ties (the very 1960's) that became the bestsellers of the house.

The seven folds ties

In Loro Piana Super 150s fabric, in flannel/cashmere or small mesh silk grenadine, there is really something for everyone. A variety of choices really appreciated for lovers of beautiful ties.


After having had a big success last winter with his scarves made in VBC fabric, Frederic recidivates this year with a renovated collective and, once again, very well "felt".


In the same vein as the scarves, the VBC wool pockets offer rolled edges and a small stitch in cross stitch.

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