What tie to choose ?

Our wide range of ties allows you to offer all possible combinations.

Our silk grenadine, wool, printed silk, silk shantung and woven silk neckties are complemented by a range of exclusive knit ties to provide a casual casual touch for casual wear.

Depending on your preferences, you can vary between the classic folding of the tie, 3 folds and the traditional folding of the tie, 7 folds.

We also let you choose your tie with a lining or not. One being, to the touch, a little thicker than the other.

3-fold ties

The 3-fold tie is the classic tie.

It consists of a silk envelope containing a triplure.

Made by hand, our 3-fold ties are fluid and flexible. The inner part of the 3-fold tie is closed at both ends by a hand-held stitch.

The "spine" of the tie is also sewn by hand, which keeps the tie and give him a little freedom of movement and return easily to its normal shape when the knot is undone.

7-fold ties

The 7-fold ties are named after their particular and traditional manufacturing method.

The 7-fold tie is made from a large piece of silk, folded 7 times on itself to give the tie its structure and thickness.

An expensive construction that requires 2 to 3 times more silk than a classic tie (3 folds), but the incomparable touch, which makes them very popular.

Our 7 cm ties

Choosing a tie at the right width is a matter of proportions of your body.

The proportions are master. You are small and/or corpulent or lean, we advise you to choose a 7 cm wide tie.

It is very important that you also adapt your tie according to the shirt you are wearing. If your shirt collar is small, we advise you to wear a 7 cm wide tie.

NB: Small and/or thin men will wear a medium or small collar with a smaller knot.

Our 8 cm ties

In general, wide ties make it easier to express your creativity and taste.

But beware!

Choosing a tie to the right width is not only a matter of taste but rather of your body's proportions.

The proportions are master.

You are tall and/or corpulent or skinny, we advise you to choose a tie 8 cm wide.

It is very important that you also adapt your tie according to the shirt you are wearing.

The larger the collar, the larger the size of your tie will be in proportion.

NB: Tall and/or fat men will wear a wide collar with a "big" knot.

Our unlined ties

A beautiful tie has a certain fluidity in its fall. It falls and moves nicely with the wearer, unlike polyester ties that are sometimes too rigid.

It is for this reason that unlined ties are highly appreciated by Italians, because they have a very particular lightness, very ... Italian finally.

Our famous seven-fold unlined ties are made of a single piece of silk that we will fold seven times to give a particular tie shape. This kind of tie is primarily for connoisseurs and fans sensitive to handmade products.

What knot should you do?

The simple knot

The simple knot is the classic knot tie. This is the most used knot. Simple to do, it goes with all shirt collars. Tapered and elongated, the simple knot is narrow with thin neckties (7 cm wide) and wider with thick neckties (8 cm wide).

The double knot

The double knot requires a second rotation. That is to say that the large pan has passed twice around the small pan. Thicker than the simple knot, we recommend it for ties made of light materials such as silk (woven, grenadine and printed) and 8 cm wide. It's prettier.

The Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is the hub of great opportunities. Voluminous, we advise you to make it on your shirts with cut-away collar. Formal in its appearance and broad in its triangle shape, it will be better for the neck of people with a slightly rounder face. The Windsor knot tends to shrink the neck and is therefore ideal for ties 7 cm wide.

The half Windsor knot

The Windsor half knot is thinner and easier to make than the Windsor knot. It fits ideally with ties 7 cm wide and suddenly, wool. We recommend wearing it on an Italian collar shirt.

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