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I opened my shop in 1997 when I first started to make ties and shirts. Located at 45 rue d'Amsterdam in the 8th district of Paris, I have never changed my location

Here is a overview of the shop in 1997....

Since then, I have changed everything, modernized, redesigned.

I have expanded my range, worked deeply on my collections, needed more space to accommodate the more clients I had.

I now work as a team with 2 colleagues who are in the shop all weekdays and Saturday. All the pieces from my collections of shirts, ties and accessories are showed, at the shop and on the internet.

You ordered on the internet? Your package will leave directly from shop to arrive at your place within 72h.

For more information, come and visit us !

We will be very happy to meet you and tell you more about our story...

Shop hours

Monday : 11h00 - 19h30

Tuesday : 11h00 - 19h30

Wednesday: 11h00 - 19h30

Thursday : 11h00 - 19h30

Friday : 11h00 - 19h30

Saturday : 11h30/13h00 - 14h00/19h30

Shop closed on Sundays.

Shop Access

Feel free to call me at the following number +331 48 78 25 71 or send me an email to the following address

Hope to welcome you very soon,


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