What you need to know about our shirts

Understand your expectations

After 21 years of research, prototypes and talks with you, I could deeply understand your expectations. All these years, your feedbacks have sharpened my choices, and especially helped to improve my team work within the plant I work with, which over time, have become the best in Europe.

When I started in the shirt making industry, my shirts had to be of quality. My vision has started with the choice of the most beautiful fabrics, passing through careful finishes, a great rigor at each step of the manufacturing process and a quality control without compromise. 

Down below, an explanation of these points, detailled :

The fabrics choice

The choice of fabric is a decisive step in the development of a shirt.

According to my wish, a "good shirt" have some requirements in terms of quality, but most of all a know-how. I therefore work with the best weavers, one from England (Thomas Mason), the other from Italy (Vitale Barberis Canonico). By the way, founded in 1796, Thomas Mason is still today an international reference in its field: shirt fabrics.

We obviously work with other weavers, some of the oldest in the world, such as Canclini, Monti, Sictess, Albini and Alumo (just to name a few of them).

Our shirts manufacturing

Our shirts are shaped in a human-sized workshop, formerly a partner of the world largest companies. Each seamstress does a perpetual life work, has a mastery of the technique and a fine rigor every pasionate person is looking for (characteristic of the french way).

What are we looking for?

Mainly ?

* Sustainability, through technical rigor

* Allure and comfort, based on the expertise and of continuous prototypes.

Technically ?

* Close seams (3 mm from the edge)

* Full-canvased collar foot (for greater comfort)

* Collar mounted in 4 parts

* Reinforcing swallows in twill pentagonal fabrics

* Buttons stitched on foot in the Zampa di Gallina way (crow's feet)

* Last buttonhole sew at the horizontal (to prevent the shirt to blouze)

* Buttons in Australian mother-of-pearl : thick and iridescent, it is the most beautiful quality of pearl in the world

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