Tie fabrics


The silk grenadine is designed on ancient looms dating from the early 17th century, entirely mechanical and producing about 20 meters per day.

By the way, so far, only 4 still work in Europe. And that's why she's so beautiful. Light and crisp to the touch, silk grenadine ties represent the bridge between woven silk and knit ties. It offers many possibilities of assortments. The silk grenadine is our best seller.

This is the most versatile fabric, it will easily match all your outfits. I like to adorn it with all colors. The silk grenadine allows a myriad of combinations ...

Today, silk grenadine, I make it with cashmere yarns, with wool.


Very difficult to find nowadays, I am still one of the last to make these ties. It is the widest range ever proposed. Printed silk, also called silk twill, a raw material. It offers a warm effect.

I decided to make them with a very wide color palette, to please everyone. For our printed silk collection, I decided not only to work in 3 folds but also to play with 7 folds.

Printed silk brings elegance and simplicity to a tie very soft to the touch, the silk twill will enhance the tones of your shirt and brings a nice outfit to your tie.


The woven silk is distinguished from the silk printed by its texture. The silk reps, the woven armor, the twill or the jacquard are all families found in the woven silks.

Patterned, the woven silk perfectly meets the professional environment but can also be used for evening wear when it is united.

We recommend wearing a woven silk tie to enhance the colors of your outfit and provide texture.


Our woolen tie collection is mainly made from Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics. I like to wear flannel ties in the winter not only for the texture effect they send but also for their warm colors and softness.

Flannel ties are thermoregulatory that is to say they can maintain a constant temperature. They are not so stuffy and control the temperature released by body heat.


Our knitwear is entirely selected in Italy, historical cradle of this know-how. They have a unique hand and very different depending on the materials used. We love knit ties because they tend to bring a vintage touch to your outfit.

Moreover, the black silk knit tie is essential today since it becomes a chic and casual element. Combined with your shirt, knitting brings more nuances and details.


The shantung is fashioned from wild silk. Made in a silk that is almost unknown to the general public, Shantung silk has a textured appearance and is woven with flamed yarns that give the fabric a slightly fluted surface. This silk is light, airy, irregular and elegant, bringing a lot of freshness.

Perfect for sunny days!

Although it has a slightly striated surface due to the raw silk with which it is woven, the Shantung silk remains very subtle and its barely perceptible fluted texture. This fabric is also known for the sharpness it provides, to bring the structure and texture to the ties.

The irregularity and the "imperfect" texture of these ties make them works of art! Each tie is therefore unique and will bring you a lot of originality without being ostentatious.

The effects of materials give bicolor reflections purposely oriented on the blue to match with a maximum of pieces of your wardrobe.

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