Which tie for a job interview?

Variations in three strategies and twelve ties for a job interview

We know it well: we have only one opportunity to make a good first impression. However, the job interview is the moment when the impression that one produces is decisive, capital, categorical.

One can not pretend to be there simply "oneself" because the asymmetry of the situation imposes to answer to particular expectations.

And, let's face it, the job interview is today a very ambiguous situation in terms of dress codes.

To speak only of the professional executives where the tie and the suit are prerequisites, to be elegant without risk of being too well dressed is a real sartorial challenge.

Indeed, to succeed to show his control of the dress codes while remaining in his place is not easy: to say that it is necessary to impose his insurance without it pours into the arrogance ...

In this context, let us set the constraints to select a tie: blue suit, white shirt (or sky blue), white pocket (or blue sky) folded in square.

The eventual sadness of the united will find its parade in the texture. A silk grenadine will inevitably suit, the texture attenuating the shine of the silk while showing a form of subtle refinement. In short, you are elegant, but it does not show.

Or rather, only a knowledgeable person will notice (and will be aware of your subtlety). Otherwise, it will go for a neutral but neat and without odd.

Do not forget to avoid: the tie polyester shiny, pink, turquoise, red or sky blue. It is not beautiful at all.

Harmony of blues

Given the sobriety of the set, the tie can stand out slightly if it follows a rule: suggest seriousness and not fantasy. This obviously excludes Mickey's patterns, pin-ups, or too much color.

A blue tie? Certainly.

But we do not want to risk monochrome monotony or give a funeral effect ...

Here are various solutions.

Tartan tie but very dark to mitigate the dandyism

mix of linen and wool with a pattern of herringbone: tone but without any eccentricity ...

The institutional seriousness of the club tie in its dark version with the so particular texture of the shantung

blend of linen and blue wool to let the texture express an originality that will only be perceptible to the connoisseur

Woven silk with relief and Prince of Wales motif in dark and sober tones

Silk woven with discreet white dots, terribly business and perfectly original by the complexity of the pattern

Gray contrast

With a blue suit, the gray tie offers a marked contrast while remaining in the chromatic range of the most unimaginable respectability!

It is then enough to decline the boldness of texture and pattern in a very measured way.

A Prince of Wales motif: sober and worked at the same time, it will speak to the elegant man and will go unnoticed by the Boeotian

A woven silk with three colors, full of relief but with a united effect: a sort of smart business spirit

An eminent but sober flannel tie in countless shades of gray that fascinates us as everyone knows since a novel has counted fifty

The square patterns whose geometry can pass for the testimony of an orderly temperament up to obsession!

Stripe contrast

The institutional symbolism of the "club" or "regimental" tie has long given the stripe a serious look despite the variety of colors and the thickness of the stripes.

This is how one can afford blockstripes which, despite their massive presence, remain in the order of chic business. As long as the rest of the ensemble is united, the club tie will be majestic, with an elegance that will make you stand out almost by retinal persistence!

In shades of gray and brown, the seven-fold woven silk is a model of visual vigorous and totally sober.

With an intense refinement hiding in the straightforward sobriety of colors recognized as compatible with the professional concentration, the seven-fold blue and brown will also do wonders

In short, the professional constraints do not prevent to be pleased, with a subtlety to the limit of the imperceptible - which constitutes, finally, a healthy approach of the elegance ...

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