The oxford fabrics

I would like to talk to you about a fabric that I particularly like and that I very rarely highlight. It's about the oxford.

Our oxford fabrics

'Oxford' fabric can be worn both during the week and at weekends.

To talk to you about the fabric in a little more detail, I will start with its origin.

The story begins in late 1800 when a Scottish clothmaker made his discovery and decided to call it Oxford, in recognition of the famous English city that welcomed him after his immigration.

Proud of his magnificent discovery, he goes even further.

He decided to create a collection from this fabric for students at the prestigious British universities of Cambridge and Oxford, of course.

After many researches on the fabric and in the face of the students' enthusiasm, he thinks of expanding his range by dressing the athletes of these two universities.

At the time, polo was the sport practiced in all the country's universities.

So he makes it his new market.

Even then, polo players wore a long-sleeved shirt with a buttoned collar to avoid embarrassing them in their race.

For athletes, oxford is ideal because it is a particularly breathable and resistant fabric.


The Oxford fabric has the particularity of being made with intertwining yarns, called warp and weft.

A grain fabric

This is what makes it a "grain" fabric.

Less precise than poplin, oxford has not only a coloured weft yarn but also a white warp yarn (which allows the grid effect of the possible weaving).

Since the time of the discovery of oxford, many countries (especially Americans and Europeans) have worked on this fabric in all its aspects.

At the time omnipresent in the students' wardrobeoxford managed to create a formal side to itself, through its more or less strong fabric grain.

Assembled with university ties and costumes, the archives also include Ivy League students (eight of the most prestigious American universities) wearing their oxford shirts with tweed jackets and flannel pants.

I actually really like to wear it when I travel with flannel pants, cardigan and sneakers.

It hardly creases and has the advantage of being very comfortable.

That is why we tend to say that "wearing an oxford shirt means appropriating the style of the English and Americans".

And it was only in 1970 that the oxford fabrics had arrived at our French blouses.

I let you discover them....

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