The Daisy

It's just a nod to my grandmother Marguerite.

My grandmother who used to come into the shop every day for 20 years, from 2pm to 4pm, to encourage me and watch me work.

We had this routine, until his 85th birthday, of eating a flan, freshly bought from the bakery across the street, talking and exchanging.

Seeing her arrive was my pleasure of the day.

She looked at me and didn't talk.

No one could see her, but she was there.

She saw me grow up and with her maternal gaze, she represented my mother's shadow.

When she left, I had a lot of pain.

I had trouble recovering from his disappearance. I no longer wanted to continue, I wanted to stop, to devote myself to something else.

Or, I had to create a very special piece. A piece that looked like me and that looked like her.

I needed to create something to remember her.

And so much so that one day, I drew a 6-petalled daisy in the workshop.

So I decided to use it. To create something unique with this daisy.

And for the very first time, I started making 7-fold ties.

The beginning of my 7-fold ties

But not just that. I also wanted to work with a noble and exceptional fabric.

The exception was already in my idea, in the symbol of the daisy, in the folding.

But not in the fabric.

I immediately thought of Loro Piana.

I have such an admiration for their work that I knew I had to make a wool and cashmere tie.

Invent it in 7 folds.

This is completely possible!

Loro Piana is known worldwide for their cashmere quality. Their cashmere fibre is the rarest and most refined in the world.

An exceptional material for my 7-fold tie.

I was convinced of what I wanted. Create a 7-fold tie, embroider a daisy, made of exceptional wool and cashmere.

Why not?

I was tempted by the adventure, and it didn't matter if it didn't please me. I did it above all for myself and as a souvenir for my grandmother.

I was afraid to embark on something I had never seen before, to do top-of-the-range work.

It was my greatest success.

It was the tie I sold the most, my biggest success.


The authenticity, creativity, passion and heart I put into it.

She made me known. Everyone was talking about it.

This tie is therefore the signature of the shop.

My grandmother gave me the courage and the desire to move forward, to pull myself together, to start my adventure again.

It's my help from heaven.

She taught me never to stop doing what I love.

This daisy is much more than an embroidery after all.

It represents the beginning of my success and renewal.

So I like to say that elegance is discretion.

Elegance was my grandmother looking at me, sitting in the back shop, which no one noticed because she was so discreet.

It's the daisy embroidered on my very first 7-fold tie and on these flannel scarves.

This daisy is the springboard for my career as a whipmaker.

And I wanted to share it with you because it is also the trigger for the creation of these flannel scarves.

Since then, I've been creating because it touches me, because I'm having fun.

So I'll let you discover them....

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