Howard's Guide : 3 looks to adopt this summer!

I introduced you once to some of the fabrics that make up my new collection of Spring-Summer 2018 shirts.

I therefore declined this collection in a dozen different fabrics, thus wearing for different occasions ...

Today, I will help you to match them and guide you in your choices by presenting you some products in situation to be able to better project you and so no more hesitate!

Let's start with 3 looks that you can adopt to go to work, namely formal outfits, with tie.


Chambray is a moderately heavy cotton fabric woven with ecru thread and colored yarn.

This weaving avoids transparency. The advantage of the chambray is that it is textured, so ideal to wear under a suit jacket when it is hot. Its properties are its great lightness and its soft fall.

I like to wear chambray because it is a very soft and airy fabric and that it offers by its construction a blue shade a little different from the more usual shirts (wire to thread or poplin).

Many of you imagine it only for a "casual" use but with a tie and a suit jacket, the outfit is immediately more formal and will work very well.

As you can see in the photo above, I chose to combine our "Mondello" shirt with our "navy and brown shantung silk tie".

See the result ...

It's really beautiful, different and perfect for the season!


The oxford fabric has the distinction of being made with intertwined threads, forming a grain tissue.

Moreover, the oxford fabric is woven with a colored thread and a white thread (which makes the checkered effect of weaving possible). It's an excellent balance between texture and refinement.

It can be worn in all circumstances. It's an ideal shirt for long days of work and travel.

In the photo above, I have paired our "Millianni" button-down collar with our "plain blue tie" made from gorgeous Vitale Barberis fabric.

Finally, you see that a plaid model can bring a little fancy and be perfectly compatible for a formal use. For the little anecdote, the tie has a very nice lining ... (made in a shirt fabric)


The poplin is woven with a thick yarn and a fine thread: this gives density to the patterns and durability to the fabric. Smooth in appearance, the poplin shirt is the ultimate elegant shirt.

Soft and silky to the touch, it is enough confortable in contact with the skin and particularly pleasant in hot weather.

In the photo above, I present our model "Galliciano" declined in an Italian collar perfectly highlighting our famous "presidential necklace in "navy blue silk grenadine".

The idea is to bring a little color while recalling the blue stripes present on the shirt. The rendering is formal, contemporary, and very effective !

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