My Solaro Tie

It is already April, and I would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about ties, of course, but especially about Solaro.

Solaro is known among purists and most interested people in the sartorial world to be an exclusive suits fabric. In fact, I see it more as being, only and above all, a fabric.

And since I like to do what no one else does, I bought a piece of Solaro fabric to make ties, very special....

Before explaining why I chose to make them in Solaro, I would like to introduce you to the "birth" of this fabric so that you can better understand it...

Solaro was born in England, to solve a problem that many men, and especially colonizers, encountered. It was imperative to find a fabric adapted to tropical climates that could reflect ultraviolet rays.

For whom? But above all, why?

First of all for the colonizers. At the time, we were in the midst of a colonial war and the weather conditions were particularly harsh in some parts of the world. Doctors quickly realized the rise and rapid contamination of tropical diseases.

Concerned and alarmed by this issue, they joined forces with researchers at the London School of Tropical Medicine to protect white-skinned men.

Find and fix the problem at the source

One thing was certain: nature offered the natives the necessary protection against climate damage, but unfortunately not to colonizers with pale skin.

Protecting their skin was a matter of course. They thought about getting around and solving the problem : clothes act as an extra layer to protect the body from external agents.

They realized that the harmful element of the tropical sun was actinic light, whose rays caused a chemical reaction on the skin.

The solution was found in 1907 : create a fabric made of white and black yarns on one hand and white and red yarns on the other. They will be woven in such a way that the upper surface is white and the lower surface is black and red. But unfortunately, white was not a suitable color for these soldiers, who did not go unnoticed on the front.


It is a more subtle and appropriate color.

The Solaro fabric is bronze/olive with a herringbone pattern on the outside and is woven with red brick threads on the underside. In general, pure wool twill and gabardine dyed in the mass are used.

I compare the Solaro to a chameleon that changes colour according to the intensity and direction of the light. The shades of beige, green and red combine to form a unique colour.

My Solaro tie

Solaro is a wrinkle-resistant fabric and therefore particularly suitable for making ties.

As the fabric was magnificent, I had to sublimate it: I made it in 7 folds.

For the details I chose to make the loop with brick red lining. The buttons are spun in the same color, as well as the sun that I embroidered by hand. The edges of the tie are rolled by hand.

What do you think of that Solaro tie? If you want one, I can make it for you, so don't hesitate to contact me!

See you very soon,

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