What is silk shantung ?


Made in a silk that is almost unknown to the general public, Shantung silk has a textured appearance and is woven with flamed yarns that give the fabric a slightly fluted surface.

This silk is light, airy, irregular and elegant, bringing a lot of freshness.

Perfect for sunny days!

Originally from the Chinese province of ShantungShantung silk is considered a "wild silk".


It is produced by silkworms fed oak leaves and juniper trees.

The breeding of silkworms is called "sericulture". For the little anecdote, sericulture consists of all silkworm rearing operations for obtaining the cocoon, unwinding the cocoon, and spinning silk.

Since these worms are not bred in controlled environments, irregularities due to moths interrupt the length of the filament, making the fibers short and coarser.

That's what gives this result.

Although it has a slightly striated surface due to the raw silk with which it is woven, the Shantung silk remains very subtle and its barely perceptible fluted texture.

This fabric is also known for the sharpness it provides, allowing to provide structure and texture to the ties.

The irregularity and the "imperfect" texture of these ties make them pieces of art!

Each tie is therefore unique and will bring you a lot of originality without being ostentatious.

The effects of materials give bicolor reflections purposely oriented on the blue to match with a maximum of pieces of your wardrobe.

You are welcome to discover them ...

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