Our sartorial shirts : cut-away collar and pin-collar shirts

Fabrics, collars, cuffs, buttons and other finishes have been studied with care to reach the highest level of our know-how.

Before getting into the subject, the whole team sends you a warm thank you.

Your feedback and ideas have been very important to us.

New collars

Opening, height and length of the tips, have requested up to 8 prototypes per collar to meet our requirements.

The cut-away collar

Very common in Italy, the cut-away collar is an excellent alternative to the Italian collar.

As rare as it is elegant, its tips are stretched backwards and offer a perfect fit, even without a tie.

Its opening gives off the face and highlights the ties knotted on this collar for everyday use.

The pin-collar

Inspired by the 1920s, the pin-collar is an answer to the famous "casual friday".

The time of "Dress up monday" has come, tie bet!

Just like the cut-away "round", the pin-collar enjoys a true stylistic bias.

Not found in conventional ready-to-wear collections, this collar is embellished with hand-stitched perforations in our workshops.

Offering a clean look, the pin-collar makes it easy to hold your ties.

NB : To vary with a safety pin.


Our choice of fabrics is the result of a close collaboration with the English weaver Thomas Mason. A partnership nourished by numerous exchanges resulting in a rich and uncompromising selection.

Thus, the famous range of fabrics named "Journey" appeared as a matter of course.

Developed by spinning textile engineers, these fabrics are initially designed for travel in the interest of longevity and ease of maintenance, qualities also sought after daily.

Awarded by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, the fabrics are extremely soft but also "wrinckle resistant".

Finished in Switzerland, where the freshwater sources are extremely pure, the range withstands the 80 washes without any problem: the colors remain intact !

The side seams, body and along the sleeve, are mounted "English".

This involves folding the fabric to reveal only one seam.

Recognized for its comfort, this complex assembly offers seams as fine as discrete.

A paradoxical subtlety

The seams are noticed for their discretion !

The foot of the neck, in contact with the neck, is entirely covered (mounted free).

This traditional assembly offers a comfort and a lightness which avoids any irritation.

The flap, visible part of the neck, has been redesigned and worked in a new interlining to reach the ideal threshold between flexibility and rigidity.

In the construction process, the whales are always integrated (technique recognized for 18 years) and are transplanted in seams graded in 8 points/cm.

Sartorial finishes

The swallows of reinforcement

Reinforcement at the meeting point of the front and back of the shirt, this yoke is a historical signature area for blouses.

Cut in hexagon in twill and then mounted by hand, our swallows are then adorned with silver daisies embroidered by hand, signature of our sartorial products.


Particularly thick and hand-dug in pure mother-of-pearl from Australia, our buttons are part of the "Mother of Pearl" classification: a mother-of-pearl category with unique highlights.

Widely 18mm, our buttons are easy to button and are slightly hollowed: this relief allows the thread to avoid contact with the drums of the washing machine.

This technique coupled with the "Zampa di Gallina" seam, your button will not fall !

After two years of work, we are convinced that the cut-away collar and pin-collar are the perfect combination of know-how and style.

You are more than welcome to discover them all ;)

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