Our seersucker fabrics

Seersucker, means "Milk and Sugar" in Persian.

This image perfectly describes the appearance of the fabric. Seersucker is a material that is both soft and smooth (like milk) but above all crumpled and "crunchy" (like sugar).

The seersucker

The seersucker became popular during the Second World War in England when the first American Marine women chose it for their summer service uniform.


Because the seersucker stays slightly away from the skin, which facilitates air circulation and therefore heat dissipation.

It also benefits from natural extensibility and is almost wrinkle-free. It is not necessary to take it again!

So it was a godsend for these women.

Then, a little later, in the early 1950s, the seersucker, with its success, quickly became the preserve of young students.

The fabric

Seersucker has always been perceived as an elegant, comfortable, easy-care, timeless and modern fabric.

Even today, members of the U.S. Congress and senators still wear seersucker on the third Thursday in June. This tradition of "Seersucker Thursday" allows everyone, of all shapes and ages, to wear it.

The seersucker has a reassuring side because it is timeless.

You're probably wondering why such a passion for seersucker?

It's simple.

The crumpling effect in relief is obtained by the contraction of the yarns during the manufacture of the fabric.

This technique produces a fabric that not only looks smooth but also has an "embossed" effect.

So it is for these aspects that I decided to make for the very first time shirts in seersucker.

I let you discover them...

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