Our flannel shirts

I like to wear them with a suit or with jeans and sneakers on the weekends.

Our flannel shirts have the advantage of giving a more relaxed look, are easy to wear at work and are warmer than many materials (especially poplin).

I have worked more on finishes and colours and I would like to talk to you about it!

The shirts are made of a 100% Monti and Canclini cotton flannel, thin, which gives this cocooning look, without suffocating.

I made them with buttoned collars that stand, to wear with or without a tie and with Italian collars, covered.

The advantage of the canvas is that the collar is held without "cardboard effect".

The buttons bring small touches of colour to the latter, and I love the result.

As for maintenance, it's very simple.

The flannel can be washed and ironed without difficulty and without pilling.

I let you discover them...

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