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Many of you do tend to confuse it with denim.

Origin of denim

Denim is a French fabric whose term is derived from "serge de Nîmes".

Originally a basic necessity fabric, denim had a low production cost for the city of Nîmes.

Since then, it has been known as an ultra-resistant and easy-care fabric.

The weave refers to the way in which the warp yarns (yarn placed in the length) and the weft yarns (yarn placed in the width) intersect in the material.

Together, they form the fabric.

Denim is a twill weave fabric: strong and slightly thick weave.

Denim fabric

Its indigo blue warp threads intersect with its white weft threads.

To get a little more into the weaving details, the interlacing of these two yarns is very tight.

This is the result of the "offset" effect that is easily visible on the denim.

I decided to decline denim: jacquard denim, chambray denim and printed denim.

Jacquard is a weaving technique that is used to highlight multiple colours. The patterns are not printed on the fabric but woven.

This technique brings relief to the pattern and nobility to the fabric.

The fabric is therefore reversible.

I also decided to mix the chambray with the denim.

Chambray, a plain weave fabric, is different from denim (a twill weave fabri)c.

The chambray has neither back nor front, while on the front, the denim has an oblique effect.

I let you discover them ;)

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