Our Chambray fabrics

It is a fabric that I like very much and you will understand why.

The chambray

Chambray is a medium-heavy cotton canvas woven with an unbleached yarn and a coloured yarn. This weaving avoids transparency. Besides, I tend to make the connection with poplin.

Chambray is a little lighter and more textured than poplin, however.

Speaking of similarities, chambray is often confused with denim.

Chambray is made from a simple plain weave (also known as plain weave).

As a small reminder stitch, textiles, including chambray, are characterized by their weave but also by the number of warp and weft yarns.

Weave refers to the way warp and weft yarns intertwine.

The chambray fabric

The weft yarn is a yarn placed in the width direction. Its opposite is the warp yarn arranged in the length. It is the intertwining of these two yarns that gives a fabric.

In the case of chambray, the warp and weft threads overlap as simply as possible: the weft thread is above and below the warp threads.

A little anecdote to know.

This overlap is the result of a similar shade on the right and left side of the fabrics.

I like to wear chambray because it is an ideal fabric for summer because of its lightness and softness in contact with the skin. It very often brings a "casual chic" aspect. Moreover, lightweight chambray can have a dressed or casual look.

I let you discover them...

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