Our bow tie specificity

In recent years, the bow tie is making a comeback.

Thus, we wanted to bring him something new, a real added value stylistic. In such a process, the selection of subjects was very important.

We are therefore pleased to present our bow ties in tweed and velvet but especially the fabrics used, from Harris Tweed and Dugdale Bros & Co. spinning mills.

Bow ties in tweed

Originally from Scotland, tweed is a thick carded wool fabric (rough touch) that stands out mainly for its multicolored strands. Particularly warm and resistant, tweed is often used for outdoor clothing such as sports jackets, hunting jackets or caps.

History of Harris Tweed fabrics

Harris Tweed is not a weaver or a brand, but a label awarded by the Harris Tweed Authority whose repertoire includes houses and artisans responding to the 1993 Harris Tweed Act of Parliament:

"The Harris Tweed is a tweed that has been hand-woven by islanders, at home, in the very perimeter of the Outer Hebrides, specifically in the islands of Harris, Lewis, North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist and Barra. The tweed is thus made from pure new wool dyed and spun in the same region of Scotland. "

Many armors exist in tweed, we find in particular the famous chevron (herringbone), foot of cock (Shepherd's check), houndstooth, or the classic plain weave, then called donegale.

Fabrics as luxurious as rustic look totally out of time.


We are happy to present you today butterfly bow ties in butterfly wool Tweed traditional butterfly.

Our bow ties are to knot, with an adjustable fastening system (from 37 to 42) but no worries, your knot will be delivered pre-knotted.

NB: Generally, the bow ties are 6 cm high.

Ours are 5 cm for more contemporary lines.

More rare than the tie, the bow tie ensures a guaranteed effect on a daily basis.

Look ideas

We project simple and refined looks to accompany these bow ties.

A pair of brogues, a waxed cotton jacket or corduroy pants could be great choices for a tweed bow tie.

Bow ties in velvet

Velvet bow ties have a use very different from the previous ones.

Dressed, the velvet bow tie is for evening wear. Distinguished by its incomparable quality, Dugdale velvet was an obvious choice when creating models.

History of the Dugdale Bros & Co spinning

A family business since 1896, Dugdale Bros is a fabric manufacturer based in Yorkshire for whom the preservation of know-how is at the heart of philosophy.

Today, Dugdale remains an independent designer and fabric manufacturer, supplying the largest tailors, including Savile Raw.


Pre-knotted, our collection of velvet bow ties is divided into two forms: the traditional butterfly shape and the candy shape.

Both forms exist in about fifteen colors.

This capsule focused on elegance had to be accessible.

Do not hesitate to celebrate New Year's Eve under the symbol of elegance with a velvet bow tie, guaranteed success!

I invite you to discover them all ;)

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