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Many of you have clicked on this link because you want to know more about my custom-made suit service. While ready-to-wear garments are already made and have a predetermined pattern, style and cut, custom-made garments are produced individually for each customer with a unique pattern, design, fabric and construction. Whether this is your first custom-made garment (or not), be aware of course that it involves some waiting. Probably, you don't yet know all the possibilities (and constraints) related to the making of a tailor-made suit but be reassured ! This page has been created to help you to have a realistic representation and above all to make you want to take the lead and come and meet me meet me in a shop make a magnificent tailor-made suit, created especially for you.

Your expectations:

I'll start with select the right template to get a good result. To best meet your expectations, I will be listening to your preferences . I will obviously propose you various options to be sure of the size that suits you and especially of all the details that will make your costume your own creation. Be aware that comfort is based on amplitude allowing movement. The look and feel of the costume are intrinsically linked: if you order several costumes, even if the cut is the same, the feel will be different. This difference comes from various factors such as the weight and elasticity of the fabric, the construction of the garment and the options of design.

NB: the fact that it is a new garment gives the impression of stiffness that a garment already worn will not have.

Your measurement :

The first date:

To be realistic, it takes between 45 minutes and one hour to place your order. Why?

Simplement: talk to you, discuss your needs and your preferences. We'll start by taking measurements so that we can better visualize the possibilities of the garment while giving you a better understanding of your desires. Choosing the right size is the most important step to ensure a good fit. After taking measurements, understanding your needs and managing your expectations, we will select the options according to your preferences and budget. We will choose a date for the fitting. Be aware that some small alterations will probably be necessary to have a perfectly fitted garment. You will probably not be able to leave with your garment after our second appointment.

<NB: Placing a new order is much easier because your measurements and preferences have already been saved.

A l'atelier :

Our workshop receives the strong of your order. A tailor cuts the fabric and the lining from the pattern. The fabric is cut separately for each order. 

The tailors assemble the garment partly by hand and partly with the 'machine help depending on the type of construction chosen. Several checks measurements and other quality checks take place during this production phase to ensure the overall quality of the garment. We work with a highly committed team of quality inspectors who guarantee maximum reliability for our garments. They individually check the fabric, lining, buttons, design options, final measurements and overall quality of the entire garment.

The second date :

determine if the garment fits you perfectly or if it is necessary to make small alterations in the shop. The fitting will be done with the same suit as the first appointment.

Contact me to learn more about taking measurements, choosing your options and to make an appointment.

You can contact me at the following number: 01 48 78 25 71 or by e-mail:

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