How to wear suspenders ?

How to wear braces?

Many of you are skeptical about crossing the road, but as Oscar Wilde said, "Fashion is what one wears oneself".

What is unfashionable is what other people wear?

It's time to dress for yourself. One of the great benefits of suspenders is the fluidity gain for your figure.

To avoid making mistakes, check the following:

- The width of the bands must be in proportion to your frame.

- The fabrics must be consistent with circumstances.

- The attachment system is adaptable to your desires. For a traditional and perfectionist approach, add buttons inside your pants to be able to use the leather system. For convenience, prefer clamps.

What about the trend?

The trend tends to unveil this room of the male cloakroom.

It is therefore very important that you wear them with proper attire.

For the pantsraw jeans for a casual outfit or suit trousers for a more formal outfit (the belt being banned).

Of course, I recommend wearing a shirt and a suit jacket (to your liking to opt for a tie or bow tie).

For my part, I like to wear my suspenders with a white poplin shirt, a woven silk tie and a 3-piece suit. If you opt for the traditional wearing of suspenders, ie with leather ties, prefer leather shoes of the same color (or at least try to get closer).

For the color of the straps it's really a matter of taste.

But I can not insist enough ...

Dare the colors!

Our selection of braces

My attraction for products of excellence pushed me to select the straps at Albert Thurston while emphasizing the diversity of colors.

For the development of plain straps, my choice fell on the "cotton ribbon" which allows a beautiful density of colors while being more resistant than silk. From red to orange, passing by the royal blue and navy, the selection can adapt to all occasions.

In this perspective of variety, do not hesitate to try original bets (why not with a pretty green bottle or a deep purple!).

For this new collection of braces, I also offer some models with black, brown or white leather fasteners, ideal for ceremonies that are approaching ...

Solid, the straps are adjustable on the front with 2 silver clasps.

The back part is flexible thanks to an elastic that allows you not to climb too high in the back.

Which model to choose?

For this year, there are fifteen different models that I chose.

And I wanted to make you all happy. I declined the straps united in many colors, including orange, burgundy, red, green, copper and brown.

I also chose beautiful polka dots to bring a little originality including a navy with red polka dots, a bordeaux with white dots and a green with orange dots.

Exclusively at Albert Thurston, this year I chose striped models that I particularly like.

I was very inspired by the "Regimental side" reminiscent of English colleges sporting very distinctive stripes such as navy and green straps with yellow stripes.

With this collection, you have no more excuses not to put you there :)

A serious strand?

Why not start by trying on plain suspenders to wear under a 3-piece suit vest. Wearing a club tie and cuff links will complete your outfit.

More casual?

The choice is wide ... I advise you to dare the strapless ensemble and bow tie that can look very chic and dandy at a time.

Come and discover the new collection !

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